Thursday, November 15


Yesterday was John's birthday (my boss that is) so I have made an enormous pot of my chili and tonight, at his request, we're going over to eat chili outside by the fire. This is at the new house so if I'm on the ball I might even remember to take some snaps. I should also post some new pics of our apartment, since we just got a new bookcase (yay for ikea) and moved things around a little.

Jo is recovering but still has a nasty cough. It seems some of our other colleagues silly enough to subject themselves to being stabbed and pumped full of dead viral material in the hope of protecting themselves against two or three flu strains have also come down sick! My case grows stronger...

This weekend and next week are looking busy, with a party on Saturday night (and 60 people to BBQ for, Aussie style - beetroot and all) then Thanksgiving on Thursday! So stay tuned for more food blogging (I know you wait with baited breath, right??)

Oh, and I've been watching a lot of random YouTube stuff lately so I'm going to be progressively linking some of the most incredible, hilarious, clever or just odd things I've found. Things that other people really should see! So for the first, here's a (soundless) stop motion wall animation...This one is powerful, strangely chilling (and safe for work)

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Anonymous said...

llieWow it's great to see you back on the blog :~}

Have had some serious reading. I'm with you about the clean slate approach. Love the pics of the food, - this should be a food blog, as we are here, drooling with tummy rumbles, as we read.

Really wondered what the You Tube was going to be but it was rather interesting. Thought it looked a little like our Prime Minister!

No doubt the scientist in you, finds excuses, when it comes to injections. Think this started in very early teens. Give hugs and love to Josie. Sorry she has not been well.

All ok here, love from us both.