Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm off to spend a day and a half cooking (and eating) - we're having a big American thanksgiving with our friends (although only 3 are Americans). I have packed the camera so here's hoping I remember to use it!

Jo is feelin better. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has a chest infection, but the drugs seem to be helping and speedily too.

And just to keep you occupied while I'm away, here's a true YouTube classic which you have probably all see but it's always worth seeing again! OK Go!

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Anonymous said...

We were thinking about you both and Thanksgiving. Hope it was a very happy one for you all and that Jo is feeling much improved.

Thanks the the U Tube again. Heaps better than an antidepressant. I did have a laugh at those guys on the treadmill. Honestly I have seen people being shot backwards, not having the correct speed and not entering properly, but that certainly put a smile on the dial. After that clip had finished, I looked at the others showing. The Evolution of dance was funny but the others not so good. Paris in Jail was a true send up of her :~{

Have to keep signing anonymous as it wil not take my previous password and will not allow me to do another from this email addie. Need more lessions. When are you home again?????