Friday, October 5

Free Burma

Free Burma!


Anonymous said...

Got all excited and thought you had updated!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Better use that spare time over the next couple of weeks, Jac!

Jac said...

Anonymous people beware, I can see where you came from!

Really people, it's not that hard to leave me some kind of clue as to who you are >_< How can I be expected to keep motivation when I don't know who is reading this thing!

Anyway, just downloading some pics from Australia now. Jo leaves tomorrow arvo for her Aussie trip so maybe more news soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi my little girl,

Sorry but had to put anonymous as it is all that this computer would let me do. I still look forward to updates, but know you are busy. Will get excited then.

Love you, Mum. :~{

Bad Bad Dr T said...

Ah good old Free Burma - you get one with every Happy Meal (limited time only)! I think next month it's Tibet. I'm collecting the whole set, gosh and golly and gee-willickers!

No Jac, I don't have to be anonymous... How could I be?

CupKate said...

I look here too sometimes.. usually when I should be studying. Can't wait to see JoJo THIS WEEK! Hope you don't get buried in WoW the WHOLE time she's gone! See you again soonish!