Friday, September 22

The dreaded lurgie

It's been a week between posts! argh.

I did some kid sitting on the weekend and it seems that I don't have babysitter immunity yet because I picked up the nasty chest bug that they had. Going swimming with 2 sick kids probably didn't help, but it sure helped the whole tired, bed time thing. It was lots of fun to hand out with kids again and I watched Nanny McFee which made me cry! Lucky I was watching the end after they'd gone to sleep ^_^

Back there this weekend for a 'six year old pool party'...12= kids, one pool, major chaos. But it should be lots of fun too. We're having an adult de-stress later that evening.

There's nothing like a raging head cold in the morning to make you want to go and buy drugs, and by drugs I of course mean legal medication, pharmaceuticals and the like. But since I have to go to a drug store to do that... Anyhow, I now have red pills for the day, blue pills for the night, yellow pills to suck and make my throat go numb (and my mouth taste terrible for hours - an unfortunate side effect) and white pills if none of the above seem to be working. Needless to say I still feel like crud. Yay for science. However, copious amounts of vitamin enriched pink grapefruit juice seems to be helping ^_^

Work has been busy, nay, hectic in recent days with a few late nights in the office. It all seems to be under control for the moment though. We have a bunch of major grants due soon, and I've been preparing abstracts and submissions for conferences and well and working on lots of small but urgent projects. I like it :)

And finally, in news that isn't about Jac, my dear friends Kath and Andrew had a little boy the other day, Angus. He's lovely!


CupKate said...

Hi JacJac
Its a busy week all over the world - I had tests left right and centre too. Ok.. 2/3 were formative but still. Hope you get better soon - its no fun being sick. I dropped in to Hilary at work (one of the last times I'll be able to!) and she was sounding unwell too. (To self... 'stay healthy stay healthy'). Glad you get to hang out with kids - hope the pool party isn't tooo crazy.
hugs Kate

BigA said...

I don't know what comfort there is in a fellow-sufferer at the other end of the world, but for what it's worth I'm also seething and bubbling in the nasal department.

Nice dinner with Jo, the Meads, Andrew and Staggie at Sirens last night. At least they >tell< me it was nice; my tastebuds were non-operational. Company was pleasant, whatever.

Keep on sniffing.

Big A

mothersupex said...

You need lots of hugs, chicken and corn soup followed by pancakes with copious amounts of lemon juice and sugar. Wish I could do it all for you as it's rotten being sick on your own.

I did cringe reading about the gas leak, not good and your distance..., well enough said.

WOW, arn't Cath and Andrew cleaver. Big congrats to them, if they are reading this.

Wonderful to read some updates, yes that was a dig, but you have had a lot on.

Hugs and love,
P.S. Dad still has the tears when he reads the card again, and again. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac Jac it's Sylv!!!!! We miss you very much! Tassie is the same as ever. Windy and stange weather at the moment. I have a little bit of news - I got accepted to study in a college of fashion ( in Sydney next year so a friend and I are moving up to Glebe for 2007. And just last night I applied online for a job at a marketing and advertising company ( and they called me at 9am to offer me an interview! I said, 'um, i live in hobart!' but they said to call as soon as I move up to hopefully take up a job there which is awsome! The rent is going to be hideous but that's ok! Anyways, email me beacuse I LOVE getting emails and Texas sounds SOOO exciting! I'm very impressed with the blog to, looks great :)
love sylv