Tuesday, October 3

Supermarket of bliss

I just went outside because I had to run some paperwork around the foundation and it is a gorgeous day! It's sunny but not too hot and the trees are totally full of birds. It's almost deafening! The weather has cooled down recently and not we're sitting at about 32 degrees each day dropping too about 20 at night. Just gorgeous. It's perfect for eating outside at night now (although I did get eaten by mozzies on the weekend doing just that)

I've been a touch depressed lately...not sad depressed, just apathetic, flat. Sorry about the lack of posts. I think it's just from being sick and stressed all at the same time. Work is really busy with HUGE grants all due in at the same time and I'm also really stressing about this platform presentation that I'm doing in New Orleans next week...argh!! But I'm getting over it.

I went to one of the best supermarkets in San Antonio on the weekend. I love supermarkets so that was instrumental in me getting out of my black hole. It's called Central Market and it's on the edge of downtown, so a little bit of a stressful drive, but so, so worth it! They have the best fruit and veg section. I found 13 different typed of mushrooms, including these very cool looking blue foot or blewitt mushrooms that really did have blue stems, and bright orange lobster mushrooms, both of which cost about the same as a lobster($50/lb)! But I did find some gorgeous looking oyster and shitakes so looks like it's risotto tomorrow :) This place also has a great fresh fish/meat section and they just happened to have wild caught tuna steak of sale. They were the darkest red! I'm going to have half of it raw for dinner tonight, if I can come up with something cool to do with it. Last time I made soy/ginger/wasabi marinade for the tuna and had it with salad. yummo.

Central Market also has a wonderful and incredibly dangerous cheese section. They even had some King Island Roaring 40's blue!! No bright orange cheddar or monterrey jack to be seen :)

Surprisingly, I didn't go too overboard (I made myself eat before I went there because shopping while hungry is a very bad idea). I picked up some fresh local apple juice that is pretty darn good, a small piece of gorgeous looking Stilton, some yummy bread and a few other bits and pieces. I completely avoided the wine section because I know it'd be as good as everything else there and I don't need any!

So anyhow, I'd better get back to work. I have a week to get my talk organised for the ASHG meeting in New Orleans (panic!) but at the same time I'm looking forward to the trip. We leave next Monday and I think we're on the water, at the corner of the French Quarter (in the convention center area). I'll keep you posted on that one for sure!


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B & C said...

Yay! A new post from Jac! We've been missing your posts but understand things have been a bit full on over there in San Antonio!

C's mum and dad arrived tonight at 8:40pm after nearly 40 hours of travelling. They had a very unsavoury time in LAX with mean security guards which then led to poor Annette feeling sick and headachy (stress caused by post liquid phase at the airport) on the big plane. They ended up having a lovely flight on Jetstar (of all airlines) for the final leg from Brisbane to Hobart tho. They are now tucked away in their hotel room ready for a very well deserved sleep. C has been bouncing off the walls all day!

Good luck for your paper in New Orleans. I hope you'll have some more supermarket de-stress time soon.

Big hugs + missing you, B & C