Saturday, October 28


Um, so here's me complaining that we had a few days of cold in San Antonio, and I log into the Hobart webcams and see snow!? I forgot Hobart sometimes does that odd October cold snap thing. Icky.

I was wandering around Ship of Fools during lunch the other day and came across the following little gem in the 'blunders' section. For those of you who don't remember, ship of fools is subtitled 'the magazine of Christian unrest' and it's written by Christians with a sense of humor and a whole lot of salt. However, if you're the stiff upper lip type and have easily offended sensibilities, don't bother following the links. There, end warning rant. Anyhow, this particular section kept me entertained for a good 10 minutes!

Hello Pastor... >_<

The rest of the site is worth checking too, especially the biblical curse generator and Gadgets for God.

Anyhow, nothing to report. I'm off to a gallery opening tonight but I know nothing about it so I'll have to tell you later! It's insanely windy here today, but bright, gorgeous sun. I'm having fun watching the flocks of birds get tosses around in the sky. Persistent little buggers though!


b&c said...

I'm in the middle of getting a review written by 5pm today and needed a break so I checked out the Ship of Fools stuff. I LOVE the phone message and can't wait to play it for C when he gets home! No wiggling butts??? Hmmmmm...interesting. Thanks for the giggle!

Had a lovely dinner with Jo last night. We're SO excited for you both. Hope you're happily jittery with anticipation :)

Jac said...

Jittering away ^_^

Cleaning too!

CupKate said...

But Jo loves to clean! She visited my place on Saturday while I was studying, and now all my clothes are in lovely piles!