Tuesday, October 3


It's 1am and I've just finished making sushi 'because I had leftover tuna'...?!

Off to bed now.


Harley TJ said...

Hi Jac Wabbit!

It's Harley here. Just thought I'd leave a little message.

Loving the blog! Texas looks like looooads of fun. I'd give anything for that aisle of gum you posted a while ago! By the way, everything looks very professional. Did you hire someone for the banner at the top, or did you design the whole thing yourself? Good job at it, either way.

I liked your post about the cold and the pool party! There's no problem in wanting to go and buy drugs, it's actually TAKING drugs that's the problem. And be careful around those red pills and blue pills...

I'd better get goin' now. Keep going with the blog, I'm really enjoying it!

Harlza XXX

P.S. I noticed in your profile that you're playing World Of Warcraft. You play video games? Wow.

P.P.S. If you'd like to chat sometime, you can drop me a line at crazy.monkey.purple.shadow@gmail.com

mothersupex said...

Hi Jac,
In Melb and loving seeing Wal & Rosemary again, although they have both lost heaps of weight. You would not recognise Wal, Dad didn't. He walked straight past him at the airport, as he is only half the man he used to be. Rosemary too, looks great, fit and younger. Penny and the girls were here too, for a few days, which was great to see them. Lily is quite the little lady and Charlotte is a miniture version, and I do mean mini. So tiny yet she is a great talker and when she is not talking, she is singing to herself. Two beautiful girls.
It is great to be here and not seeing Drs. Makes a very different visit. Kel and Harley have been enjoying every minute they can of the girls being here.
Dad it well and enjoyed using the trams, trains etc. around Melb. free coz it is seniors week!!!!! He now has a card but was disappointed that there was nobody to check it, on the trains etc.
Saw Hamish and he bought us coffees in the city. Hope to catch up with him again as I miss talking in depth. He looked great and healthy. Very confident with his stride and speech. I want more. Ok, don't stress out too much, we are thinking of you. Won't be long now till you are 2 again.
Big hugs and love.