Tuesday, October 31


I have a cup of tea and a york pattie to kick me through the afternoon, but I'm slowing down. So sleepy! I finished writing a grant application a little while ago and all remaining enthusiasm fled as soon as I hit send. The stupid thing about the grant is that it's going to take me twice as long to fill in all the paperwork as it did to write it!!

A bunch of us went out to Sushi Zushi for dinner on Saturday night, then randomly decided to go to a Halloween party. Luckily the supermarkets are well stocked, costume wise! I ended up wearing some batman number build for a 6 year old. Seriously uncomfortable but a lot of fun. I was hoping to get some pumpkin carving lessons from someone but I think I've missed my window. Oh well, next year!

On the weekend I also went to a few of the Asian grocers, and stocked up on some weird and wonderful items. One of the places (my favorite one) had peking duck halves for $6. That's just insane! So anyhow, point of the story is that I'm heading home soon to make duck soup :) And the thought of that should get me through the rest of the afternoon. I miss you all!


mothersupex said...

Hi there Jac Jac,
Its nice to read updates though I went to the "gadgets for God" site and had quite a giggle at it. I could see Ellie and Minkah in the angle wings and baptism for pets, oh dear, I should have had it performed now full of guilt :<{
We talked about Halloween and wondered if you were in the spirit of things. I get an American Scrapbook and one of the pages were all about the family doing the pumpkin carving. They put a lot into it. W & R have children calling to their house for trick or treat and they always have the lollies ready. It was this time last year we were there.
No further update with the house though bricks and plaster should be finished now. Plaster was at the finishing stage, when we were there.
Less than a week now!!!!!!!!!!

CupKate said...

Hi JacJac,
How'd the duck soup go?
I've done my 2 written exams and got 2 prac exams to go (or really 1 in 2 parts)... may take more effort to make myself study now. Its like the hard ones are over.. although prac could be tricky.
Looking forward to party fo Jo here on saturday, but hoping I'll get to see her some other time as well but no doubt she'll be busy getting things sorted.
Hope you've had enough WoW for a while :)
Love Kate