Tuesday, September 5


I got inspired yesterday and went to the craft shop to buy some painting gear! My walls have been horribly bare so I though I might try to come up with something! It's been a very long time since I painted though so I started off VERY easy! Kate send me a coolhunter link that inspired the bedroom invaders. They still need to be sealed but they were good practice, although my hands cramped so badly I nearly couldn't finish them! I'm working on something a little more Jac now ^_^


mothersupex said...

Its a great start. Love the colours especially the light green/blue. This is kinda the colour that I would like for the new kitchen. Sort of a mint blue. Look forward to viewing more of your inspirations. Hugs.

Kate said...

Hurrah! I love the invaders! Good to see some creativity. The urbanoutfitters latest email had stick on stuff too - some of the same blik ones and others. But DIY is always more fun... and far better value. Now to plan my own NEW room!
ps had lovely dinner with Jo at Brit and Jeremys and played mahjong. I got 4 points the 1st round to be losing, then got 416 next round - to come out on top with 500 and something!! Go East Wind, flowers, seasons, and red dragons. Sorry I didn't collect any green ones :)

Jac said...

Hey Ma, it's a great colour for a kitchen, although mine is bright red here. Needless to say the next picture had a LOT of red in it. Who would have thought I'm the same girl who hated red for years!

Kate, doesn't take urbanoutfitters long, does it? I'd suggest they probably have a coolhunter working for them but with people doing it for free on the net, perhaps not. Have you read Pattern Recognition yet? If not, you should!