Friday, September 1


Well, some of you already know the good news... Jo's visa was approved yesterday! Talk about major sighs of relief!

I don't really know the details but the interview went well. She now has a 5 year visa (longer than mine...go figure!!). The odd thing is that point of entry [immigration in LA airport] decide on the duration of stay, which may be 6 or 12 months, then you reapply for an extension internally (yay for not having to border hop to do paperwork) and that process can continue for up to 5 years. I might remind you that 5 years is definitely NOT on the cards ^_^

So anyhow, I'm stoked and Jo seems stoked too, although the reality of coming the the US is probably kicking in about now and that can be nastier than a bucket of moonshine. But no matter how far removed from the happy mateship of old oz, I have no doubt that being here will be a great experience for both of us, and fun too!

*happy dance*


b&C said...

Congratulations Jac! You both have done a super job with getting everything together. We didn't have any doubts about you guys getting it tho. It's so nice that Jo gets to have a bit of a Melbourne holiday for a few days now. Hope you sleep well tonight. I've heard almonds are good for heartburn.

AllanS said...

Hey Jac,

RE. a post way back there somewhere:

I read the other day that Rule of Thumb has nothing to do with beating wives. It's to do with rule, as in ruler, and thumb as in measurement. (If you can have feet and hands, why not thumbs?)

Allan S

Jac said...

Allan, I'm kind of pleased about that :)

And B, almonds probably work, but they also stop me from breathing so might pass on that one ^_^ Great to hear from you though. Thanks for your help with the visa stuff.

Steve and Teresa said...
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Steve and Teresa said...

Hi Jac,

Glad to hear Jo's good news. We can certainly understand how stressful the whole process is!! (BTW dont think we told you, we were accepted for our visa's too!). Will drop you an email soon with all the updated info of our trip. Look forward to seeing you both before we know it!!

Teresa and Steve

Sally said...

Hi Jac, Congratulations! Am so glad that Jo will soon be with you. It was an absolute pleasure having her here in Melb for a few days. We combined eating out and some shopping and it was great fun. Am also very glad she showed me this blog so I can keep up to date with what you're up to.
Take care. Sally.

Jac said...

Hey Teresa and Steve- we're really looking forward to seeing you guys. Keep us posted on the plans :)

Sally, so good to hear from you! Glad Jo pass on the blog addy. I wish I'd been able to hang out with you guys in Melbourne... next time ^_^