Friday, September 15

Tiny Size!

Wandering through Target on the weekend I stumbled across these miniature gems! Aren't they wonderful? I've never seen camping gear displayed like this. Imagine being the person whose job it is to miniaturise all the tents into display form. I wanted to get one as a house for Purry but they only sell the big ones :( I was also very tempted to raid the toy isle and tuck a whole bunch of bears into the mini sleeping bags, but I restrained myself.

All is well here. It's clear and sunny again but the few days of rain we had have dome wonders for old San Antonio. The temperature has dropped to a simply delicious 35 degrees C and everything looks so greens. It's given a whole new lease of life to all the poor plants, as though they've been waiting for months to have one huge growth spurt, and now everything is just covered in green. I don't think I've ever seen such growth and so quickly!

(PS. Tiny Size! is a bit of an in joke but it's a brand of mexican gum - Kath and Andrew used to send it to Jo and I when they were in the states and "Tiny Size!" kind of entered our vernacular. Got to love bad translations!)


BigA said...

Wonderful! There used to be a show on UK TV years ago called "What's My Line", in which celebrities had 20 questions to guess the job of ome unusual person. Making tiny replicas of camping equipment would be right up there with the people who make those replicas of the food outside Japanese restaurants!

That gas leak looked Seriously Nasty. Was it propane? Have you seen the extent of damage when one of those blows? Have they heard of OH&S in Texas?

Jac said...

Yeah, now that I look back on the gas leak, watching it unfold out the window doesn't seem like it was the best course of action. But I wasn't really sure if they could explode. Propane...yes.

We do have OH&S... One of our staff did training on Monday and mentioned the 'incident' and they knew nothing about it!

They have that replica food in one of the 'restaurants' here and one of the girls was positive that you couldn't do that with plastic and they must have just varnished real food. Exhibit A was icecream >.<

Jac said...

oh, and it's good to hear from you again!