Saturday, September 2

Thank you

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us with the visa. I should have said it yesterday but I was a little overwhelmed with relief. There was a LOT of paperwork to collect and most of that was from trying to second guess what they might ask for (the website is not up there on the clarity scale). Thanks so much to everyone who wrote letters, provided shoulders to stress on and all those other things that made the process that little bit easier ^_^

I'm off to a BBQ tonight with the aussie contingent from work (and a few honoraries). It's at the house I was sitting with the pool, so I'm looking forward to a swim. Nothing hugely exciting planned for the weekend. I think we're all at the point where we're over the heat and just waiting for it to break. We've even cancelled friday night drinkies lately and that's almost unheard of!!

Oh, and if anyone can work out how to get me one of these you'll be on my lost of world's coolest people FOREVER!


Anonymous said...

Dutch Tub, Interesting. Anything hot in Hobart wuld be well apreciated right now. Thogh as usual everyone was telling me how crazy it is to wear shorts and t shirt in winter, do they never learn!


Kate said...

I think a dutchtub would be perfect for Falls - apart from issues of limited water and total fire ban. Still - everyone would be jealous! And it would solve the problem of not having a bath at mums new place (access by bath issues aside)! Yay dutchtub and coolhunter!

mothersupex said...

Is this what is known in the fairy tales as a cauldron, like in Hansel and Gretle? Think you would prefer without the fire. Just think how many Christmas puddings I could cook in that. Wal-Mart probably sell clam shells, like K-Mart that are filled with sand or water, the best I can do for you.

Jac said...

Hey Catboy, good to hear from you :) There'll be another email update coming your way as soon as I light a fire under my butt. Slack Jac has been hanging about lately, slinking in the shadows, but she's being twarted by too much to do jac at the moment!