Wednesday, September 13

Floods, explosions and an overactive imagination

Ok, so I'm getting my wrists slapped for falling behind with posts, and rightly so I guess!

Yesterday was pretty amazing, it rained ALL DAY! I haven't seen so much rain since I've been here. It started just as I pulled into the carpark in the morning and only got heavier as I waited in the car for it to ease up so I could make the mad dash to the office. Needless to say I was literally dripping by the time I got inside! While we desperately need the rain, the downside is that San Antonio is not a city that was build to cope with the rain, even a little rain... there's no curbside drainage, the roads aren't rounded and water pools on the highways in no time. The urban planers here should definitely win the Atlantis Award for drainage. It only takes about an hour of heavy rain for us to have widespread flash floods, but do you think the crazy drivers slow down? At all? Nope, if anything they're worse! I left work late last night waiting for both the rain and the traffic to calm down as much as possible.

We had a little excitement outside my office on Friday. I was writing an email when I looked out my window to see one of the workmen (just finishing the renovations and finally packing up) knock a hole in the top of a huge gas tank! The huge stream of white vapour not 20m from my office caught my eye! I then watched as the workman kind of pretended nothing had happened, then slunk back a few paces, then thought better of it and wandered off to tell someone there was a problem, then more workmen congregated (meanwhile the tank is still spewing gas like there's no tomorrow). I became somewhat concerned when the laid back workmen started moving back and standing behind trees, then more so when the fire brigade turned up and got them all back behind our building... Meanwhile I'm still sitting 20m away from the thing separated by a window and wondering if I'd have time to dive under my desk if it exploded (cold war style). Anyhow, it all turned out fine, of course! They basically waited for it to empty itself then took at away. Kept me entertained before pub time though ^_^



CupKate said...

ooh gas.... explosions could have been interesting.. although not so good with you that close! Good thing it all just fizzled out then.
Good to see a new post - although I've been online much less due to having severely limited net access (moving house.. price you pay while broadband is being re-established somehow) amongst other reasons.

Jac said...

Other reasons huh? I'm keeping an eye on your blog you know- I'm taking the lack of posts as a good sign! Rather than the social monotony responsible for my laspses...

*more hugs*