Thursday, September 14


Unless you're an avid ego-surfer you'll probably never read this, but I want to say a huge thank you to the mystery person who runs the "hansoi" shoutcast online radiostation. You keep me sane at work when my head is full of numbers. Whenever I think that we have similar tastes in music you add yet another CD that I adore! Please, keep the music coming ^_^


CupKate said...

hmm looks like there is a lot of potential listening hours.. whats a good place to start on shoutcast? (eg... which ones do you like lately?)

Jac said...

Shoutcast is excellent, especially if you use winamp as your main player (in my humble opinion one of the best out there). Best this to do is use the search option to look for an artist and it'll show you all the stations playing that artist at that point in time (although the search is about 30secs or more behind realtime). That way you can listen to a few other tracks on that stream and see if you like it. Other option is to trawl thought a genre search. I like it because you can come across some rare or surprising stuff. However, lately I've just been lsitening to the stream from Hansoi, whoever they are! Good stuff ^_^