Wednesday, September 6

Sleep Deprived!

Well, last night I had the worst sleep EVER! I went to bed a little earlier than usual with the hope of catching up some...Ha! I was having trouble getting to sleep anyway, it was really muggy last night because there was a storm approaching, so I was either hot and sweaty, or cold and sweaty with the A/C on. Ick. Anyhow, after an hour or so of tossing and turning the smoke detector in my bedroom starts doing the flat battery beep, stupidly loudly! After attempting to sleep through it I finally spat it and climbed up on my (rickety) stool to take the $*#& thing down, only to discover it's hard wired in and taking out the battery just makes it beep more! Anyhow, at my wits end (and about 2am) I finally spac it, make a pile on the lounge floor out of my 2 doonas and the cushion from my chair and attempt to sleep on that. Even with all the doors to the bedroom closed I could still hear the beeping thing (ha!) Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.

On the up side, soon after that at started raining! Sweet, glorious and soaking rain that lasted half the day. It was wonderful and the temperature dropped to 20ish C, delicious!

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