Tuesday, July 4

Rainy days and Mondays

It's been raining on and off all weekend which has just been magnificent! Looks like it'll continue for another few days as well. The rain is so lovely I just want to stand out in it and jump about :) It's deceptive though because it's grey outside and looks like it'll be cool (I'm busting to wear long pants or a jumper) but it's still over 30 degrees, just stickier now. However, the breeze picked up on the weekend and it just felt like all the stale, bad air was being swept away. It was exactly what I needed. I was having a bit of a black few days earlier in the week, but I'm feeling better now. I guess I'm going to have to get used to it coming in waves like that. The next two months will be hard as well as most of the people I usually hang out with here are going away! As I mentioned earlier the plus is that I get two housesit a place with a pool and a place with cats and cable, but that doesn't quite make up for human contact. All will be well though, and there's always the virtual me (aka Bravenstar) who can hang out online with all kinds of weird and wonderful people, Andrew being a prime example. World of Warcraft is keeping me sane and expanding my bladder holding capacity ^_^

I had a huge weekend and I'm utterly exhausted now! Luckily it's Independence Day tomorrow (July 4) so I'm looking forward to sleeping in and fireworks! I was told on no uncertain terms that this is the "Most important holiday in America" so I went and bought myself some red, white and blue knickers to celebrate. But that was a sidetrack... This weekend we went apartment hunting with another Aussie lass who works in Florida. We're trying to poach her to came and work here (we need lab postdocs) so Joanne and I spent the entire weekend driving her to all the nearby apartment complexes looking a floorplans and demo homes etc. That stuff is really tiring! I think perhaps we went to the best one first, but perhaps that's because they made us pancakes for breakfast while showing us around! The great thing about looking through 30 other apartment complexes is that it made me realise that I really like my place. I had no real moment of going "gee, I wish I lived here" which was great because I didn't look at that many to start with. It was also interesting to see how people could be looking for two completely different things out of a living space Subtle aren't I? Anyhow, she was cool and hopefully she'll take the job. She's from the same lab as all the other Aussies here, which makes me the odd sheep again, but they're all Queenslanders so I don't mind so much :)

We also went to dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant on Saturday night (sushi zushi - dumb name but great food) which meant soft shelled crab and the house seafood udon bowl for me. Mmmm. The secondhand CD store is next door so we digested by wandering the isles in there for a while. I picked up the second season of Six Feet Under so I'm looking forward to getting into that.

We also managed to fit in a little shopping on Sunday at my favourite mall here, La Cantera (it's open air and kinda glam). I spotted this t-shirt and it spoke to me:



b&C said...

Cool tee Jac but definitely not true! Your knack for travel literature is up there with the best :) We love it! Anything that competes with all my Neopets bookmarks in my bookmarks bar must be pretty darn good.

I've been thinking about your squirrel. Have you seen him after all the coyote noises? I hope he's okay...

Hope you enjoy the second season of Six Feet Under. That and the third season are really, really good. We're getting close to launching into the final season soon.

Chris said...

That T-Shirt is CLASSIC!!! Very Very Funny!

Clare said...

I agree with b&c - cool tee but definitely not true.
hope your July the Fourth was indeed spectacular - we had a stunning day here with clear blue skies and winter sun.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the windows look like they haven't been cleaned for years, because they haven't, and the floors like they haven't been vacuumed for at least weeks, because they haven't, and the cobwebs are just fine, thanks, and so on. The shower tiles need regrouting, adn the external wood is partly painted, which is only questionably better than its previously neglected look. And - its Open Home on saturday . . . So I got on the road to Port Arthur to see Hamish and Jo at the conference - I'll fill you in soon.

CupKate said...

About that house... I believe the spiders who had set up retirement homes in our windows were shocked too. I told Tahnee (who cleaned them while I was living it up feeding animals in NSW)they'd beent here so long they were my friends - so she offered to put them in my bed! I declined. And of course we love you blog - perfect place for slipping into another world or writing random posts about nothing to say hello!