Tuesday, July 11

Random stuff of the moment

I just had a delicious swim in the pool that I'm 'pool-sitting'. The water temperature was 29 degrees C!

On the weekend I watched the tragedy that is Iron Chef America. A complete reproduction of the original, done remarkably badly. The highlight was tarragon salt which sounds like a great idea to me. Fresh tarragon + sea salt + coffee grinder. However, I also watch the challenger make tilapia noodles by turning the fish into a paste, adding some kind of cross linking enzyme that had a name like DR-DETH-54, and squirting the final mixture into a tank of hot water. Fish paste noodles...gross. I don't even think tarragon salt could save them.

I went back to the United Church on Sunday and this time I made much more of an effort not to be a shy turtle and it was great. I finally got to meet Pastor Rita (who was in Europe on my first visit) and she was lovely. I was even brave enough to stay for orange sherbert icecream afterwards. Who could resist??

The 'cook-out' on Saturday was fun. I took some lamb chops to put on the grill and had to fight to keep them!! Apparently they looked tasty, and they were! The butcher here cuts them so they're about an inch thick, as opposed to about 1cm in Australia, which means that for thems of us who likes out meats rare...read me (still making up for years of being stupidly vego) you can cook then to caramelised perfection on the outside and still have them deliciously rare in the middle. Alan, I know you're probably not reading this but it works a treat!

Apparently chuck a wobbly is another Australianism unheard in Texas. Can someone please explain where that one came from? I used it by accident today and a few heads turned in confusion. I didn't realise I had so many of these things in my vocab!

Thanks for all the comments, I love reading them ^_^


CupKate said...
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CupKate said...

I think Margate should have orange sherbet! Glad to hear u braved the church again and survived. Fish paste sounds bad... I made dessert for grandparents in grafton. Apple crumble was foolproof but i had to rearrange the pear cobble recipe.. and then didn't realise the oven was full so it sat around a fair while before being cooked and didn't rise. Not iron chef material!!! But at least I don't add Dr Deth enzymes.

Not sure about the 'chuck a wobbly'. Its interesting to think about all the different expressions! I found a few things were named differently even in England. I was reminded of one yesterday while watching the first new Dr Who to be on here (I saw it at Christmas just before leaving UK!) - he pulled a 'satsuma' out of his pocket. I say it was actually a mandarin!

SylviaM said...

Dear Bravenstar,

The Australian National Dictionary Centre are not very helpful. A piece in the Sydney Morning Herald 30 Jan 2004 claims the origin of 'chuck a wobbly' is political. The phrase 'originated in no lesser a place than the federal parliament, when one Senator admonished another to: "Stop chucking a wobbly, Senator. Behave yourself." ' That's best I can do at short notice but it is an interesting question.

You can tell I've been proof-reading today: it's all nitpicking details and zero on the big picture. But Jo-jo dropped round with her reports so that I can exerpt choice bits for my announcement to the School tomorrow. This is the only perk about being RHD Co-ordinator -- as other bloggers will confirm. So that will be fun along with learning how to 'do' an iLecture in what promises to be a thrilling encounter with the Flexible Ed people or whatever their new name might be.

Iron Chef America sounds truly awful; especially since it clearly isn't the dubbed version we get where a goodly measure of the enjoyment is the vernacular in translation. Heck, what they get those comperes to say! We had osso bucco tonight: a P Mead fav. Olly also stayed for dinner: twice in one week. I think our stakes are improving -- or, the cold weather has really increased his appetite for meat. Being as how his household is vegetarian (mostly) since his mother declines that form of first class protein.

I can see that this blogging thing could be really addictive . . .

love J (Ph claims to be working in the lounge in front of the tv) and 'the youth' are still in what we recognise as 'python phase:' after a large dinner, they slither off and wreath in and out of each other, on the couch, while the meal gets digested.