Thursday, July 20

Petey Problems

I hate getting cars fixed. With a passion.

I took the car in to be checked out and to deal with the 'squealing belt on acceleration' problem. Belt was fixed fine and everything else apparently looked fine... Aside from a small note on the receipt saying 'check engine light - CMP sensor'. No dialogue, $200. Now at this point I am totally stoked to have Mr squealy Belt vanquished. Not so happy on the weekend when the car consistently takes several attempts to start, the check engine light stays on and running a diagnostic gives me P0340 - No camshaft position sensor detected. Argh. Filled car up with fuel and hoped it would go away (ostrich style). It didn't. I got fed up with it today and called the mechanic again. $75 for new cam sensor plus at least 3 hours labour and it may not even be the sensor itself... Spat it and rang the nearest official Chrysler dealer. Now, even more than getting the car fixed, I hate dealing with the 'official dealers' BUT they do know the car and if this is a common PT problem then they may know how to fix it without too much messing about. They quoted me $82 for full diagnostics (better be more that what I did - get code, google it) but only $14 for the part and $40 to install it. Needless to say Petey is off to visit the dealer tomorrow. Fingers crossed that this doesn't turn onto another 'why not just give us your wallet, phone, watch, first born child, soul..'

In other news our dinner at Saltgrass was excellent. I had the same thing I always order a 12oz ribeye (rare) and a baked potato (NO toppings). All good. I also had lunch today with Rev. Rita at my favorite yup cha place. It was fun! She's good value, and it was so good to be hanging out with someone outside of the work crowd, even though I really like the work croud.

Tonight looks like a good night for a swim! Any takers? ^_^


CupKate said...

I'm still avoiding getting my timing belt done... doh. As there's no record of it being done at 100,000km, it could be 70,000 overdue... but having just bought/ordered several text books it just might have to wait another month (even if it was one of my intentions for the holidays - i forgot again until the last thursday!!). I hope your Petey adventures go smoothly from now on.
Dinner sounds good. Do they have any decent toppings for the potatoes or is it better without?
Moving on from food.. I started dissection today (with spunky yellow glasses!)... went fine but I won't write anymore here just in case people don't want to know!!
Hugs. Kate

B&C said...

Yes please! *shoos cold weather out the door* We'll bring our togs and be right over :P