Wednesday, July 19


We're going out tonight to celebrate my birthday (a little early but I'll be away - and when I return everyone else will be in Australia!) and the PhD and whatever else we can come up with at the time. Going to one of my favorite steakhouses, Saltgrass (a Texan institution). I can't believe I have a favorite steakhouse, let alone several! These guys make a good bloody mary and their steak is excellent and cooked just the way you ask. They may not be as classy as the Little Rhine (on the riverwalk, Downtown) which is my other favorite, but they're not as pricy either! Last time we went to little rhine we not only had steak, but escagots, grilled asparagus, lobster... mmm

And while I'm updating, here's a screen shot of Bravenstar at level 33 and my new pet. He's a unique beast in WoW (Humar Pridelord) and it took me all night of sitting in a tree waiting for him to turn up so I could tame him! I've renamed him Ravage, and the (pop) cultured kids of my era will of course realise that he's named after the famous transformer. You missed my daggy hat phase though - for a while there I was running about with what everyone called 'my russian hat'. I now wish I'd taken a shot of that, but this one is much better ^_^

Bravenstar and Ravage


b&C said...

Oooo. I like Ravage. And Bravenstar is looking pretty spunky too. We can sympathise with having to have steel-like patience to get the special stuff on games. I don't know how many hours we've spent on Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Zelda trying and re-trying to get that special animal or trinket.

Have a lovely time at dinner tonight. Yum, steak sounds good. Just as long as Outback Steakhouse isn't on your list of favourites. Where in Australia do you find Blooming Onions??

CupKate said...

Enjoy the stakehouse I mean steakhouse. Birthdays are best celebrated multiple times and spread out!!

Ravage looks good - how many animals can you collect? Can you have a whole herd trailing after you!? I have avoided computer games for a little while - read a couple of book while I was away in the holidays, now in theory, I should read textbooks... although co-op and surgimed sold out of 2 I wanted so can't read them!! Maybe I should play more computer games to make up for not having the textbooks.... (dont' mention the reserve library!)