Friday, July 14

Pretty in pink

I'm taking Petey in for a service and check up tomorrow so fingers crossed that it won't be too expensive. Or if it is, that my warranty will cover it!

No other major news at the moment. I'm off for a swim soon, it's a scorcher today!

I've found a remedy to the Jac doesn't like drinking water but it's hot and she has to problem. It has also fixed my coke (cola) habit. Soda water. In a can! Simple, yet brilliant. It's cold, sugar free and it satisfied the need for fizz. Why did I not think of this earlier? I've been drinking the coke C2 rubbish...not sure if it's in Oz yet but it's 50:50 coke/diet coke and has the worst features of each of them (sugar AND the nasty artificial sweetener taste). And did I warn y'all to stay clear of the Coke Blak (blerk). Who mixes fizzy coke and weak coffee? It's all kinds of nasty! Pepsi trialed the same sort of thing in the mid 90's with Pepsi Kona, a screaming flop. As someone in a forum somewhere said (of coke blak) "what soft drink can survive when half its name is made up of the sound you make as you spit it out".

And finally, this little gem. Thanks Booey for the heads up on the amazing sunrise this morning. I hope some of you saw it! This is the tail end of it, I missed the rest.

pretty in pink


SylviaM said...

Leave off with the pix of Hbt in the morning: the real thrill is the sky in the evening! Like last night when the moon hung low and huge in the sky like a delicious disc of barley sugar. Mind you, it was freezing. Some horse's mouth told us it has been the coldest winter in ten years. Feels like it.

Jo has bundied on as PA on Ph's AustLit Consortium project. What a combo: Tone, Ralph and Jo! It will be good while it lasts. This time next week will be our first postgrad seminar without her in just years. How will we cope? Still: nothing can diminish the greatness of finishing the thesis, as you well know.

Oh no. It's daggy Fri night movie time. You can run but you can't hide. My brain has already turned to mush. Back to the footie with the sound turned off.

Good luck with the car service. Back in ancient times when we had Geoffrey the Merc, the guys at the servo used to get out the brochures for the Bahamas whenever we rolled in for a check up. It was tragic. Vast sums of money we did not have would disappear into replacing bits of motor no longer able to be procured from reputable outlets.

More later, love from all the Meads

JacWabbit said...

Sunset there is like 3am here, so I'm no more likely to see that that I was to see the sun rise when I lived in Hobart! That's why I'm enjoying the sunrises now, and also because it means my work day is nearly done :)

B&C said...

Hey Jac!

Did you know that Coke was originally green? I just read that in my nifty TotalGirl diary :P Maybe they think Coke Blak is still an improvment on their first attempt?!

We've been up for nearly every sunrise this week, they've been truly lovely. Such vivid red and gold. Next week we'll be able to enjoy the mornings in the later hours - the sale finishes tomorrow, hurray!

Uglypoofacegit said...

That wisp of cloud on the Wellington slopes isn't fog rolling in from the upper reaches of the Derwent; it's just evidence that Bogans have set fire to Bridgewater again...