Sunday, July 23

Eve of anticipation

It's Saturday night and I'm trying to get organised to head to Boston early tomorrow morning. We had some rain the afternoon which was delicious, and now it is still and heavy outside, the sky is pink, and the insects are having a lovely time!

I head to Boston tomorrow and come home again Wednesday afternoon. I'm nervous about the meeting in terms of the demographic and dress code, neither of which I have any clues about. Also about not knowing anyone, but that should be ok.

I spend the last few days at work moving offices. The new space is larger and has a window. It also has a soothing green feature wall that I respond well to. I'll be sharing it with another aussie lass who will arrive in September, but she's been working in the US for a few years. It's a bit sad to leave Vince behind because I really liked sharing an office with the Guamaniac, but I'm so glad to have a little more desk space! Here are some pics for you :)

my new office

more of my new office

Once I finish my packing I'm going to have a little early birthday celebration. I got a few packages in the mail today that I haven't opened yet, but I feel a little like a kid at christmas having them sitting there! I have to finish getting the house tidy first because the apartment complex are running their annual inspections while I'm away.

But anyhow, that's about all from me for the moment. I'll try to update the blog from Boston, if I can get the net working! Until then...

Me outside my office


b&C said...

Your new office is great! The window looks like a nice distraction :) It's cool to see the Bunny Mandala desktop in action as well. Have a safe (and exciting) trip! We'll be thinking of you.

CupKate said...

Its Jac!! She does still exist and hasn't been taken over by a computer program which blogs!! (I'm glad!) Enjoy Boston. Would it be dumb to ask if they have buns there?

mothersupex said...

Hi or is is howdy. Great to see a photo of you and the office looks great. We are thinking of you today, the 25th here, and hope it is a wonderful birthday for you in your new home away from home. We miss you heaps and love you lots.
Hugs from us both.