Wednesday, July 5

Independence Day

Looks like nature is going to put on her own 4th of July fireworks tonight! There's a huge electrical storm just on the horizon looking out from my balcony and it's fantastic!

And here's my blog entry from earlier today. I didn't get to post in because the laptop crashed :)


I'm not feeling particularly star spangled yet, bit it's not even midday and I've yet to venture out into the world of July 4 fever. The television keeps telling me to 'be thankful for my freedoms, liberties and other flag waving buzzwords' and it seems that I should do that by going out and buying a Texas Edition truck or a side by side fridge-freezer! I've just realised that I have forgotten to wear the red, white and blue underpants that I bought especially to celebrate Independence Day! (and also because my washing bags were full and I'd run out of clothes) Oh well.

I'm about to head out to the airport to drop John and Jo off, as part of the mass exodus of friends. Luckily for me Mr Squiggle hasn't been eaten by coyotes and is looking as plump and happy as ever, so I can at least hang out with him, even if we are separated by glass walls. I think I may have turned him into a bit of a princess though... I was watching him peel grapes before eating them yesterday!

I got up this morning hoping to spend some of my day off playing WoW, only to discover that they're running maintenance and ALL the servers are down! They have 6 million players, more than half of whom are probably american, and they schedule maintenance on the one day people are not working and able to play??? Anyhow, I cooked myself a fry up and read the Current instead ^_^


bigA said...

4 July sure knocks Australia Day into a cocked hat, doesn't it? You get a feel for the sort of jingoism that some of our pollies would like us to develop. I recall we celebrated in Waikiki by watching the parade and having Macdonalds (unheard of in other circumstances!)

The bionic ears are still being tuned, but the TV volume has gone down several notches.

Did you know that the new series of Dr Who starts her this Saturday?

Rennie said...

Dr Who! I'm excited. I'll have to get my mummy to tape it for me as I'll be wrestling with the baggage carousel at Melbourne Airport.

CupKate said...

Hey JacJac
Been out of net-range for a bit - shopping and hanging out in Melbourne! Now in Grafton with Dads parents and have discovered they have ADSL! Just enjoyed reading all your posts i'd missed. Will no doubt post on my own soon, but I heard a rumour of a cup of tea so I should leave the barn where my room and the computer (conveniently next to each other!) are and head back to the house to be sociable! I hope your independence day was... all it should be. I didn't even think of it!

SylviaM said...

Hi Bravenstar,

It's another Friday night in Hbt and Jo is here having traditional Friday night dinner ie pork spare ribs. We've all had a big day: Jo is recovering from the CAiA event and Ph and I just got back from Perth last night: ASAL conference and I had some colleagues to see at UWA -- where there are peacocks (2 males, gorgeous but small brains, and 1 snowy white hen). I've just about finished my Reader for Literary Theory; Ph has yet to begin preparing his! We have a friend of a friend coming next week: he's called Jesus. It's going to be interesting. The kids think it's a real thrill.

We are all very impressed with the blog, Jac.

Much love, J

JacWabbit said...

I'm jealous of you guys getting the new Dr Who. Looks like that'll be another one for the 'catch it up on DVD' list. Actually, I'd be happy to hear ANY British accent on the TV!