Friday, June 30


I've just realised that I got the day of Rinnie's birthday wrong and it's actually today! So, Happy Birthday Rinnie! I was trying to compensate for the day difference and I somehow compensated for the compensation and got all out of whack. Not an unusual state of being for me.

And while we're celebrating I would like to note that my dear Josie is now Dr Josie! Her thesis examiners' reports came back with flying colour and a whole lot more! 2 'A's - unheard of (well, not, unheard of but incredibly rare just doesn't have the same ring to it) What a brilliant end to so many years of hard work on what to me was (is) an incredible project. I'm eagerly awaiting the book so that everyone else can enjoy it too! Stay tuned...

That's the end of my celebrations from a distance for today. If I get time tomorrow I might even update you on what happened last weekend. Boy am I ever behind! Anyone would think I've been working ^_^

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Rennie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, jac. A lovely time was had by all.