Friday, June 2

On a jet plane

(this post may not make too much sense - it's late! I apologise in advence)

Before I backtrack let me just say that Portland is lovely! Not only is it deliciously cool and wet but it's green and the trees are beautiful and the city is lovely and there are lots of non-chain restaurants and well designed houses and... I like it ^_^

The flight from San Antonio to Portland was amazing. Well, I only had a window seat from SAT to Salt Lake City so I didn't get too see the view flying into Portland, but the first part of the flight was incredible! I'll let the pics do most of the talking.

After miles and miles of desert the landscape started to get a little more interesting. After a while there were more and more fields, but they were all round and different shades of greens and browns so the looked like a big spotty rug! Then we started flying over wind farms, miles and miles of them, and you could even see the blades spinning!

Then we started flying over larger mountains, and SNOW! At first I didn't believe it. I thought it was some kind of erosion to begin with, since lots of the rock here is pale yellow, like sandstone. But then there was so much of it, it could only be snow.



After a while the snow thinned out at the shape of the landscape shifted again, to sharp ripples and peaks. It was beautiful. No real sign of habitation though and I had no real idea of where we were, except for somewhere in the vicinity of salt lake.


more ripples

And then we flew into Salt Lake and that was really cool. Huge mountains that just drop off to utterly flat fields! I haven't included any pics of the city proper but it was really interesting... It looked like a model city that had been designed by a clean freak. Everything was straight and neat. It didn't look real!

You can see how those huge mountains just drop away to utterly flat ground. The whole area was surrounded by them; thick, snowy peaks.

Cool fields huh. The first of the lakes is just beyond them (to the right) but I don't think it's the major lake, that's further in.

This was the view from the airport runway. Stunning huh? But I only had enough time to run to the next terminal to make my connection. On the next flight I was on the isle, and the person with the window kept the blind down for the whole flight so I missed seeing the mountains near Portland. I might get to see them on the way out.

Anyhow, enough scenery. All is well here. I'm staying in a spunky hotel and the folks here are working me pretty hard during the day. The hotel has terrible internet but 24/7 cartoons so it's all good ^_^

I hope you're all well. Keep me posted. Comments on the blog are always a good start!


B&C said...

Wow! I think we might have pics of the same mountains?! Nice to know you're enjoying some cooler weather and a little bit of green :) It's been a stay-inside-and-play-computer-games kinda day here. No wind, mildly cold with lots of flat cloud...

BigA said...

Cloud-free daytime flights are fantastic (if you've got a window). And I know what you mean about trying to understand what you're looking at. And working out where you are (even over Aus) is a real challenge. Last day of semester yesterday; not that it makes a huge difference, I'm busy writing the lectures for the next one!

CupKate said...

Looks pretty cool. I like aeroplane pics but i almost always have a wing... but i quite like them in it too. Jack and Ruth and I are studying! Ok.. Jack beat me at Queen's Necklace, we just did a trip to Coles for Jersey Caramels and Sour Worms and we are still trying to study... And tonight I am going to my friends 21st but first I have to make leek and potato soup for after church tomorrow! Fun fun.

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