Monday, June 5

Hitchhiker's Guide to the DVD

I finally watched the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on DVD last night. You'd think I would have already seen it, since it's an adaptation of my favorite book, but I was holding back warily and for good easure it seems. The film was ok, but I was disappointed with it. I new the storyline had been seriously cut and altered to fit the length of the film, and Addams had been involved, so that was all cool. I guess it was disappointing mostly because it didn't manage to carry any of the quirk or complexity of the incarnations that precede it. In a nutshell, it was dull.

Oh well, it was also free since I seem to be a frequent shopper at the CD exchange. Sad and pathetic, not me!
(you can all me that after I buy all six seasons of Xena - Warrior Princess)

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