Thursday, June 15


Well, I've completely embraced my inner geek and started playing World of Warcraft, a fantasy based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORP). This basically means I can wander round a fully interactive fantasy world and hang out with some of my Aussie friends. I spent most of last night just following Andrew round getting a tour of the place and working out how to get my ill-proportioned character to make chicken noises and dance. I've switched to a slightly more mysterious if still badly drawn night elf now but so far I've only wandered through the forest culling the local pig population, fallen out of a tree sustaining only minor fractures and been killed by something resembling Dobby the house-elf with bigger teeth. Dying is cool because you turn into a wisp and race through a now black and white version of the world searching for your outer geek. This should keep me occupied for a while (the game, not the dying I hope!)

My, what big ears you have!Here's a quick screenshot of my night-elf hunter (glorified groundsperson at this point) at pathetic level 3 status. I found the frock just before I logged off for the night, before that it was skimpy shorts and a singlet - no wonder my skin in blue! Looks like I'm part rabbit with those ears too. Need to level up and get some better threads ^_^

In other news I took the IRB's "Protecting Study Volunteers in Research" exam today so now I'm ethically ok and all that stuff. I'm just stoked because it means I've finally finished reading through the book of regulations, which means my coffee intake can probably go down now. Mind you, some of the case studies were fascinating and some were really hard to read, given they're based on real scenarios. Some of the things we do in the name of science! I'm hoping to have some new data to work on in the next few days, then things should get exciting again!

And finally, Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you have a good one. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you don't have to work so you can do something special, like OD on buffy ^_^


b&c said...

Hey Jac!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I would probably OD on Buffy, but LOST will be on tonight! Gotta go into work at KAT today, so I'll probably be ready and willing for some after work couch potatoin'. Thankfully, Briony will be coming in to work today as well!


BigA said...

Jac, you gotta get out more! Thought about rollerblading? Bird-watching? Train-spotting? Even at 40C. I had my hearing test yesterday, and it looks like I'm heading for some electronic aid. But the price! I'll be carrying more than the price of your laptop behind >each< ear! I liked the brochure for one of the aids which tried to convince me that people would think they were just a new sort of mp3 player! But let's face it, a hearing aid is a hearing aid, isn't it?

JacWabbit said...

BigA, sounds good (no pun intended). I'm sure it won't be long till they do integrate with your ipod! Good marketing pitch though. As for getting out more, I'm working on it, but the game is fun too!

B&C, you guys have fun at work and but make sure there's plenty of play (afterwards of course!) Hope you're feeling better now B? Hugs ^_^

CupKate said...

Hello JacJac. Having got sick of study... I might have played some computer games lately! Jack and Ruth and I might have managed to set up a wireless network... :) But we studied lots for the one the we needed to... I believe creativity is important for my next one!

b&C said...

I've heard of Warcraft. Sounds pretty epic! I am slowly feeling better, thanks :) The Russian Blue helped heaps.

C's parents are each going on separate adventures this weekend. Les is off to Wisconsin for a kayaking trip with some extended family members and Annette is flying down to Florida. Not bad hey?

JacWabbit said...

Kate, I'm shocked, horrified and impressed!

jeannie said...

Jac, you can't possibly live without a book to read! Are there no public libraries in SA.? We found a really good one in Honolulu when we were there.
I have narcisus and jonquils out, some smelling sweet in a vase on the hall table. Your peonies were gorgeous.

JacWabbit said...

Hi Jeannie,
They sound lovely. The peonies are over now, and the heat doesn't help. Only downside to them is they don't smell, but they are gorgeous flowers.

As for books, I noticed only yesterday that what I thought was a school down the road is acually a branch of the public library, so I should go and check it out. I have a long list of books to look for secondhand, but they're mostly perl programming for dummies and that type of thing... not restful reading!

uglypoofacegit said...

Look jac, seriously there is nothing, absolutely nothing that says 'Warcraft' to me more than this little gem:

The google video made me laugh,a rare thing these days.

As for reading material: a book I'd ordered months ago arrived the other day, though I wouldn't recommend it. It's on Custer and the Little Bighorn. The timing is deeply propitious...the Indians are circling and the cavalry has run off to some mainland conference.