Wednesday, June 14

Still life

Sorry about the lack of updates. Nothing wrong with blogger this time, I'm just being incredibly boring! I'll try to get a life again soon, but for now I'm making potato and leek soup (even though it's 40 degrees outside) and watching the Simpsons.

So how about some news from someone else? Just click the comments button below this post. I'm getting lonely here!

Love you all ^_^


B&C said...

Is it the new season of Simpsons? I've heard mixed reports about it.

C is at work and I'm in bed for the day. I caught a crappy cold on Monday and got a bit feverish at work yesterday. C bought me a new game for the Gameboy Advance this morning. It's called Catz and it's another one of those real-time games where I get to look after a kitten. I reckon I'll be occupied for the rest of the day (and probably the next three years if Pikachu is anything to go by)! Now, do I get a Russian Blue or a Tortoise Shell??!

JacWabbit said...

Definitely a Russian Blue! I'm sorry you're sick. There's something really nasty going around here too. I'm hoping I've avoided it but you never know, especially with the AC.

Make up a packet of homebrand chicken noodle soup (powder not canned) and put a tin of creamed corn in it. Works a treat ;)

b&C said...

Yum. That soup sounds good. I'll have to put in an order with my waiter when he gets home :P

Have we told you that we got a digital camera for our birthdays? They're complicated things. It's almost like having a new computer to play with. C is obsessed with leaving the shutter open which means you have to stay still for 15 seconds otherwise the pic is a big blur. I prefer the point and shoot method! Even tho the colours do look really nice in the 15 second mode...