Monday, June 5

Pattern Recognition

There were some incredible colours and patterns in the landscape flying over Utah.

My favorite out of all of them are these 'ponds' on the edge of the great salt lake. The colours look just like one of the pics from my old microbiology textbook, except they were of Yellowstone park so we're talking a totally different temperature range! Beautiful though.

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CupKate said...

Wow those lakes are amazing! Funnily enough as i was studying today I was reading about 'PAMPs' - to do with immune system recognising pathogen patterns (=pathogen associated molecular patterns). These patterns are way cooler tho :)
Been studying lots with jack and sometimes Ruth, but on Thursday I'm going to Bicheno to study. But Hamish says he'll force me to play board games. Hehe.
Glad u had a fun trip. I can ignore exams for a minute and roam the streets looking for non-chain yummy food in Portland and wander gardens... then study later :) First exam next monday.
Hugs Kate