Sunday, June 11


I bought myself flowers the other say. Sad, I know, but they do make the house look good! Peonies are close to my favorite so I couldn't really resist.


What's even more sad is that I spent my entire Saturday cooking and cleaning! However, my house is spotless and I now have a huge pot of gorgeous ham stock. I had the ham bone in the freezer left over from the weirdness that was the baked Easter ham. For once I'd like to have baked rabbit for Easter!

I did leave the house briefly to feed Joanne's cats and do some washing. Bad plan. It was another cloudless 100 degree day so I thought I'd try driving with the windows down rather than the AC blasting and see if I could make it though the 1.5kms without melting. Just as I was getting used to the feeling of the winds of hell blowing through the car I came across a patch of road covered in water. A main had obviously broken and was spewing out perfectly clean drinking water, covering the road to a depth of half a foot. I took Petey through gently because I wasn't sure how deep it was at this point and I didn't want him doing any slidy action, and while concentrating on said crossing some huge 'Texas Edition' tank came flying along in the other direction and sent most of the puddle through my now forgotten open window, totally drenching me from head to foot! Who expects to come across water in Texas? A puddle of oil I'd understand. Anyway, I learnt that windows down and dripping wet is a good alternative to the AC in terms of keeping cool. Doh!

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mothersupex said...

Nana had peonies in her wedding bouquet. Last thing we did, before leaving the house, was to dig up one of them. Do hope it lives.