Friday, June 9

Happy belated Birthday B

Happy Birthday Briony! I would have sent this earlier but the blog has been nothing but trouble for the past 2 days. The last message took me 6 tries before it'd finally send.

B, I tried to get some NP together to get you a Darigan paint brush, or a bit closer to one, but lost 60k instead... Just proves I should never do anything risky with real money!! I have backup neopian treats that'll be coming to an inbox near you soon ^_^

I'm having local blueberries and Californian strawberries to celebrate. Wish I could share them because they're really good! Miss you all.


B&C said...

Thanks Jac! Ooooh, Darigan Paintbrush...very sweet. We went to Mummaluka last night and had the BEST dinner. Although we almost killed ourselves on some deep fried peppers stuffed with cheese. They were very deceptive. Both of us were really hungry when we got there so we ate one each straight away. We weren't able to speak for nearly ten minutes but slightly scary :P But in the end we both thought it was a good way to ring (or maybe blast) in 28 and 32! The Huon Valley Apple Custard Sponge Pudding made it all worth it :)

BigA said...

Blueberries and strawberries: trying to make us jealous eh? Well, I can fight back. I'm at the shack and yesterday evening was just magical: cloudless sky, flat calm, sea like burnished gold (as the poets put it) and there must have been 50 dolphins in West Bay, several packs of fur seals, gannets etc.

Not a blueberry in sight.

JacWabbit said...

Oh fine, pull the dolphin card! I surrender. You win hands down by the sounds of it. Texas blueberries are no match for Boat Harbour even on a grey day. They might just be equal to a splashy no fishing day, but only if it's too cold to swim but not warm enough for a fire.