Monday, August 21

Some random pics

At the moment I'm making a batch of meat sauce (for work lunches) so I thought I'd put some photos on the blog while it simmers. I've been a bit slack with pictures, mostly because I update the blog on my work computer, but the camera only talks to the laptop at home.

Anyhow, here they are ^_^

For all you mosaic buffs out there, this as a HUGE mosaic on the wall of the hospital in town. It's even more impressive when you're standing at the base of it.

One of my little friends who hangs out near my office window.

This is an old shopfront I found on the edge of the city during my travels with Tom. I just love all the textures ^_^

Great place to make a nest!

This is one of the rock trains that goes past my place. The driver thought it was a great idea just to sit on the horn while I was trying to take the photo. Nearly burst my eardrums!!

And finally, the absolutely delicious chocolate tart that I had a La Frite. mmmm

Till next time...

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mothersupex said...

The chocolate tart...I'm droooling, slurp, just at the beautiful, mouth watering photo. Loved the lights with the bird, and the shop front, looks similar to one I took on our tours, 3 borders north. With all my hospital shows, sure I have seen the mosaic wall. Think the train driver was having his fun for the day, seeing you, and a crossing, was just making sure. Probably his bit of excitement for the day.