Saturday, August 5

Room with a view

Amazing things I've seen out my office window today:
- A skinny, hyperactive squirrel
- A mother bird feeding worms to a big, demanding baby bird
- Multiple butterflies, including a yellow one, a white one, a brown one and an orange and black one
- A mini-twister that looked like a column of sand but taller than a house, and a startled workman with his earmuffs on standing right next to it!
- A rabbit with an incredibly varied nutmeg coloured coat
- A plane the size of an apartment block that reminded me of the line from the Hitchhiker's Guide describing the Vogon fleet "the ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't"

(Note: My window looks out onto 3m2 of grass and a construction site, so any one of these is an amazing occurrence, but so many in one day?? Why am I spending so much time looking out the window today? Because it's 30+ degrees in my office!)

It seems that Mr New Office PC doesn't want to talk to Mr Camera, so unless I find some common ground, or a card reader, I'm photo-less till I get my laptop back. Sorry about that guys, but I'll continue to snap and see if I can collect some interesting pics for y'all soon.

This weekend is a 'tax holiday' which means (I think) that we're exempt from sales tax for a few days. Sounds tempting since sales tax is 8.5%, but I don't know how widely it applies and I'm sure there will be crowds of shoppers out and about which probably means attempting to even leave the house just isn't worth it. The tax break seems to be targeted at the 'back to school' shoppers so maybe only some stores apply it, but there sure are a lot of sales on this weekend. I wonder if it applies at the supermarket? I'll keep you posted.

I'm reconnecting with my Playstation now that I don't have the laptop, and playing Kingdom Hearts II, but it's a little lame. I'll give it some more time thought because I'm still in the early stages and Square do make excellent games, but I'm just not a big Disney fan and I don't think having random disney characters appearing in my manga world is helping me suspend my disbelief. Oh World of Warcraft, how I miss thee! Pathetic I know, but I never pretended not to be a geek.

This little geek should get back to her geeky work ^_^

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JacWabbit said...

Ok, how scary is it that within minutes of me submitting this post the blog was hit by someone from Disney???

Big brother appears to be wearing mouse ears... all the better for listening in with.

Well, they're welcome to read my blog! Not much in the way of fodder for a film or a lawsuit, sorry Diz.