Friday, August 18

Now while Government announces Australian History Prize is something to be pleased about, somehow, some small but highly cynical part of me knows that it'll end up going to a windschuttle clone *sigh*

Dinner went well last night. We had salmon, mussels, clams and prawns in a spicy, garlicky white wine/tomato soup with a tonne of fresh herbs. Hot, crust bread to mop up the slops. Oh, and a couple of bottles of good aussie red :) It was wonderful to be able to cook for other people again! Everyone is back from the Australian conference now so while I no longer have cats, cable, a washing machine or a pool, I do have friends again ^_^


Al said...

Hi, Jac! Al here. How's it going? Hope everything's going well. Looking forward to seeing you when *sigh* you get back.

*faithfully dictated by Alastair, typed by Rennie*

>insert Rennie comment< We'll miss you at our engagement party tomorrow. :(

JacWabbit said...

Hi Al Baby! Hi Rennie! *huge hugs*

I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful party. I wish I could be there! I'm just so stoked for you both though.

Miss you tonnes. Make sure someone is talking photos!

I'll be back, never fear ^_^