Thursday, August 3

Bad start to the day...

Gashed my hand on my newly sharpened kitchen knife that was sitting in the drying rack, dizzy swoon minor shock and nausea, cleaned up, went to post office early to send parcel, signed wrong customs form, back to the end of the queue, get to counter, no wallet, go home, no wallet, paid by cheque, got to work late, wallet on desk!

I need a coffee and a nap. Or a hug.


b&C said...

Poor Jac!! Maybe you should go rent some PowerPuff Girls on DVD. Get some good girl-power fun and cartoon colours into your system. Chris says you should also buy one of those wallets that attaches to your pants with a chain (tee hee). Hope your day improved as it went along. What a morning!

mothersupex said...

Consider yourself cuddled.
Sorry to hear your day had started so badly, but it can only improve. How bad was the gash, but then there would be no way you would have it professionally looked at, coz that might mean an injection. Yuk, horror.
On a better note, thank goodness the wallet was at work. It is a horrible experience trying to remember the last place you used it and then retracing your steps.
Lots of hugs.

CupKate said...

Hugs from me too!! At least your wallet was somewhere - I have problems leaving things places too!! Always a relief to find it was left somewhere safe and not a bus or something (except that time i left my wallet in Franklin Square...). Hope your gash is healing nicely - I found bandaids that look like bacon rashers in thumbprint yesterday :) I'm sure they heal things better! Hope day/s are better. (And we get new house keys today hurrah!)

SylviaM said...

Dear Bravenstar,

A dizzy swoon, huh? This is a fairly serious event for a geek warrior but, luckily, I've just finished reading a novel where, in the game, you can die and are instantly reborn. Hope your hand is the same. Also, see Malory, 'The Tale of Sir Urrey.'

A belated happy birthday, Boston-style. Here in Hbt we are gearing up for the mother of all graduations. Turns out Big A is going to "process." This should be good as we all have to frock up. Pix will follow.

I'm just back from NYC and, as you know, the New Chaucer Society congress. One of the nicest things I heard was, from a Californian, "I always complain about jetlag until I meet an Australian." It's always exciting to see one's colleagues in action. This time the moment-to-remember was, as it often is, at the dinner which was a cruise on the Hudson in the twilight. Outside, the NY skyline produced a shimmering chimera of neon light, velvety dark and time spooling by over the water; inside a bunch of earnest Chaucerians stood in lines to be instructed in the rudiments of the Charleston! It was a weird sight — luckily locked away from the graduate students who would have been appalled. This is the kind of thing that just ruins the profession!

On the way home, I paused in Dallas Fort Worth and cursed my non-functioning mobile. I could have given you a call! It was 90 deg and brown as far as the eye could see. As always, one of the really fun things about travelling in the US is listening to the accents shift and change across the country. In NY I listened to a conversation between two women from the Bronx without having the least idea of what they were saying. On the American Airlines plane to Dallas, they all sounded like an episode from a soap opera. It was great.

It's a lovely day here today with the sun shining and a light blue sky and whisps of cloud — none of which stops us missing you and hoping today is a better one for you.

Much love, J

JacWabbit said...

Wound is all better. Turns out it was only a scratch. Level 40 geek warrior or not I still have a huge problem with compromised skin integrity, but only my own!

JacWabbit said...

"inside a bunch of earnest Chaucerians stood in lines to be instructed in the rudiments of the Charleston!"

I can picture this but it induces fits of giggles! All us geeky academic types have our weak moments though. You should see high profile geneticists queue to sing karaoke!

Sounds like it was fun though. I'll make it to NY one day! I keep getting so close...