Saturday, August 5

The Graduate

My bestest girl is graduating today! I'm stoked and sad, all at the same time. Messy! One of the worst things about being here is missing those important milestones in life, and having important moments that aren't shared memories. I'm also miffed that I'll miss friends and family all frocked up for procession!! Not many people get multiple academics processing for them out of more than a sense of duty! Anyhow, needless to say I wish I could be there, but I can't be so I have high expectations of many photos filling my inbox from multiple sources...

So, Dr Richardson the Third, I'll be there in thought and spirit. I hope you have a truly wonderful day. Lap it up, you deserve it ^_-


CupKate said...

It was lovely! And everyone looked very nice in their gowns with red silky material and funny shaped hats with red string... even if rental of said garments is overpriced! Everyone wo wasn't academic also looked very nice for dinner afterwards - those who'd been to ceremony and everyone else. We had a fantastic feast of Turkish at Anatolia, complete with bellydancer!

SylviaM said...

Dear Bravenstar,

It was cool: Lucy, Alistair, Philip et moi performed our medieval function as members of the Convocation of witnessing the conferral of degree on Dr Richardson. So, in decades to come, when the barbarians have entered the citadel and destroyed the records, we will be able to confirm her status as a graduate and legitimate holder of the degree, entitled to philosophise in her discipline. There's nothing quite like performative language.

We all took great snaps which will appear on your server 'momentarily,' as they say in the States.

But then, contrary to popular request, while we all repaired to the pub for that time-honoured post-graduating ritual of getting legless, the Drs Richardson went quietly home to take their well-earned rest. Meanwhile, at the Republic, we stalwarts of tradition had our ears blasted off by one of the most god-awful bands to have wired up in a long time. Cripes. They were terrible. Bring back punk -- or anything really -- is what I say.

We were all thinking of you --

much love, J

BigA said...

It was a good show. I think I was the only academic (at either of the two ceremonies I attended on Saturday) to have a kiss blown to me by one of the graduands as she walked across the stage (but after she had passed the Chancellor, to avoid confusion).

And (reluctantly) I have to say that I rather enjoyed getting dressed up in the clobber, so thanks to Meads twain for forcing my hand. Mind you, getting up at 3.30 am to get there on time wasn't so good. That was why this Dr Richardson, at least, didn't follow the crowd down to the Republic.

The Gold Coast conference was good, but the Gold Coast is AWFUL. I've made Jean promise never to take me there for a holiday (didn't take >much< persuasion). However, good bits included the trip to Lamington National Park, and an afternoon spent with Allan and Esther.

Ugly Child of Convict Forbears said...

Hey you,
I was obviously in a very happy and painless place on Saturday night, because I blithely allowed myself to enter that lefty sewer what is called the Republic. Place full, and I mean full of Flannies. Nothing on Austar, obviously. The band was indeed pitiful, though I guess it could've been worse. They could've been Irish. Ah, for the days of the Empire. No post-colonialist drivel then...
Amusing evening - I had special permission to attend.

Census night last night - as usual just me and the bears. Not feeling creative enough to invent friends, so just put Winston (no surname, bears don't have surnames) and made pithy comment in space for 'What does the organisation you work for produce?' about Commerce 'graduates'. I also told the ABS that I cannot speak English real good, but my second language is Bogan (when required).