Thursday, August 24

New look... not much different to the old one!

So, the migration to the new blogger let me make a few changes, but it's made other stuff messier, like the profile text that no longer takes code! So now you get a wall of text rather than my categories :(

Again, please, if you have any issues seeing anything on here let me know. It all looks fine on my screen, but I don't need to see it!

Going home now, it's late!!


mothersupex said...

ok here except the page of comments expires quickly.

CupKate said...

Speaking of new looks.. while I was *ahem* studying I found these - you must need some!!
or this one

CupKate said...

Hmm the link didn't fit... try
and go to the giant robot... or to
and the 'invader' page... :)

Jac said...

Not sure what the problem might be with the comments page, but it's most likely a software prob with the access centre PCs :(

Kate, those are awesome! Not sure I'd pay that much for them but my walls need some artwork and they may just hace inspired me to fire up the c64 emulator and 'be inspired' (read rip-off) some graphics. May have to pay a visit to one of the big craft shops on the weekend.

ooohh, project!!

CupKate said...

yeah i didn't like prices.. didn't bother to work out whether aud or US$ but still.. and removable is cool for temporary/rental etc... or flippant people who like variety!!! And space invaders is always good. That and lots more fun stuff can be found at not that I need another way to waste time!