Thursday, August 24

More nonsense

I just did a very scary thing and migrated my blog across to the new version of blogger! It probably doesn't look any different but for a while there it was just GONE! eek. All seems to be working fine, but let me know if anything looks a bit off now, especially you *cough* mac users.

As for news and such, I've been working pretty hard the last few weeks so not a whole lot to report. Work is going really well though and my current analyses are finally coming together! I just have so much data to work with. As Vince says, it's an embarrassment of riches, and he's so right.

Having a few people over for dinner tomorrow night which should be fun. Yesterday morning I made a wish (while showering...) that the WoW servers would go down so I could clean my house, and they did! That's got to be the first time I've ever been pleased about extended maintenance. My house is now close to spotless which is making me feel much better about life. I just need to mop the floors tonight and it's all good. One of tomorrow's diners in a fussy eater, so looks like the menu will be simple roast chicken and a range of vegies, grab what you like style. I'm out of chicken stock at the moment so it's perfect timing. I also have lots of tarragon growing on my deck, so there's another reason to go with chicken! I'm surprised my herbs have survived this long; not only do they need about 2Ls of water per day to survive this heat but my squirrel has taken to digging in the pot(grapes don't store well...) It's only a small pot!

One last thing (just to keep the food theme going) I've discovered the most wonderful chocolate! Now, I'm a big time dark chocolate fan. I like the sweet and bitter combination AND the fact that it seems to be good for your health (in moderation) and a better cough suppressant than codeine. I usually get the Lindt 70% cocoa but I don't really like the slightly dry texture it has and it's a little too sour. Anyhow, the other day I discovered Lindt "swiss bittersweet" dark chocolate! I can't tell you what the cocoa content is here because FDA allows some very weird labelling... For example, the second ingredient is chocolate! It's still got the bitterness of the 70%, but it's a little smoother and softer (hmm...guessing more fat?) and a tiny bit sweeter and it's totally wonderful!!! I'm no chocoholic, so one or two squares is enough for me for the whole day, which is why I'm not phased if it is higher fat. Anyhow, if you can find this stuff in Oz and you like dark chocolate, try it, it's good!!


b&C said...

Mmmmmm... I miss your roast chicken! My tummy is rumbling for some lunch too which makes hearing about your yummy food all the more tempting. If the fussy diner can't deal with your roast chicken there must be something seriously wrong.

The new look blog looks cool. It all seems to be working well from my *insert megaphone* MAC screen. He he.

BigA said...

Hey! I'll give you "cough". I can say confidently that this Macintosh views everything just fine, thanks.

(Hell hath no fury.....)

Will watch out for the chocolate. We use the Lindt 70%. My medicine, Jean calls it.

Off to the third First Year prac for the week. Sigh.

Kate said...

Mmmm chocolate. Or in Hamish words... 'choccy choccy'. Blog looks good. Reminds me I have a blog somewhere... I think its feeling abandoned!

Jac said...

No way, I check yr blog and it's now abandoned!

Dinner seemed to go well! I have faierie lights on my deck and I don't have an excuse to turn them on veyy often, but they do look cool!

hmmm, the six empty bottles next to my bin suggest I don't post much more... But I think a good night was had by all :) I sure hope so anyhow!

Jac said... now abandoned should = NOT ABANDONED!!!!

Jac said...

The sooner blogger brings in post comments editing the better as far as I am concerned!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm, the Lindt bitter sweet is nice. It seems that I am only allowed to have dark chos, coz somebody said they were healthy. So now that is all I can find. Mum uses the Lindt 70% and also 85% for her great fudge chocolate cakes. I like to sneak the 70% but the other is far too bitter for me. I did get into trouble once as she was doing her chocolate cake and I am not quite sure what came over me, but she was short in the recipe! I paid for it. Grrrrrr. You know what it is like.