Tuesday, December 15

What you been up to Mr Roo?

Marty is sleeping and I'm sitting here at the computer having breakfast, the world is good...until I remember that this is Day 1 of 'Jac the (far from amazing) stay at home mum' and the panic sets in once more!

A boy and his Poggie

Experienced readers will notice that I am giving up my precious baby free minutes for you all. I thought I'd take this opportunity for a mega catch-up post since one is well and truly due. The Travelling Bears headed for home on Saturday, after spending 10 weeks with us helping to look after Marty so that Jo could keep working. She finishes as Research Coordinator of the Genomics Computing Center (the kind of job she's unlikely to have again) at the end of the year, hence my foray into the world of stay at home parenting (I have a collection of vacation time).

Marty and the Bears

Saying goodbye to the Bears was doubly hard because it very quickly became clear that while their flight from San Antonio to Dallas was fine, their flight out of Dallas (to LA to make their international flight) was delayed coming into Dallas! Jo went to bed because she was exhausted but I stayed up until nearly 2am watching the blessed flight tracker, knowing that Jo would want an update in the night. It is a horribly helpless feeling watching the progress of a flight, willing it to move faster, but knowing there's no way it'll land in time to make the connection. Only falls short of actually being on the flight and knowing that. Anyhow, they eventually made it back to Australian soil via Sydney so thankfully no bonus night in LAX!

I don't really believe in the idea of milestones but for the sake of blog news Marty has passed a bunch lately. Today he has his first cold, poor little thing, but he's being a trooper about it. We think he's popped his first tooth. I say think because it is a back molar and I can't see it, but it certainly feels like it is through (especially when he clamps down hard on my knuckle). It didn't seem to upset him much, just lots of drool and attempting to stick things back there to chew on; tricky at the best of times!

I just can't see back there!

He's also had his first few tastes of solid food,starting with avocado and then zucchini. I'm stewing some apple for him as I type this. We've been reading a lot about introducing the bitter greens before the sweet stuff, so trying to work down those lines. He wasn't sure about the first lot of avocado but has been getting better and better and he practically fed himself some of the zucchini. Definitely tending towards right-handedness too. He's pretty good at holding the spoon already (we have a lovely soft boon one) and only occasionally tries to stick the long end down his throat (I think so he can bite on that back tooth). His Poggie has a phobia about babies covered in food, but I'm getting over it!

First taste. I have more food pics but they're trapped on my camera until I get a new card reader (mine died)

What else can I tell you about Mr Roo?

He loves to go walking in his front pack. All new parents should be given a baby bjorn along with their 'bundle of joy'. Like the baby bonus - Government issue, absolutely essential! The white dribble cloths that attach to it are just an added bonus (or in his case just as necessary, since he likes to chew that edge, and anything else that comes within range...)

He's a smiley boy and has a laugh like a squeaky screen door! Seen here sporting his gorgeous cardi made by his GA Kate.

He's not showing any sign of losing those bright blue eyes yet! Still looks deliciously chunky in the arms and legs but they mustn't be very dense since he's bang on the 50th percentile.

He absolutely loves tummy time and if you dare lie him on his back he'll be on his tummy again within about 5 seconds.

Roo is very engaged and will systematically seek out everyone in the room until he has managed to get direct attention from everyone! He loves different faces and will charm the pants off complete strangers by grinning at them :)

Ok, so I started this post while he was napping at 9am - it is now 2.30pm and he's napping again (sleepy from the cold) but I'm not doing too badly. We've done 2 loads of washing, some cooking, played 'which toy can we drown in drool' AND been out for a walk to do some christmas shopping and get Poggie a coffee!

I hear a squeak, got to go!


Josie said...

Working Mama here, have to tell you blog readers that I've got no worries about Rooey! In fact I think they are having a blast! Just wish I could be at home with them too, but my time is coming . . .

Word Verification: poototh (something nasty that happens in Marty's diaper after a tooth comes through?) Go Poggie!

Big A said...

Well done Jac! We shall miss the daily routine with The Roo, but if you want any advice about the best routes round the local malls, just let us know.

Adrienne said...

Congratulations on becoming the stay-at-home mum! We love you and we're looking forward to having you home.

x the A's.

Adrienne said...

Oh and fabulous Roo shots btw!

Anonymous said...

Jac, I loved the update! Sounds like you're all doing great, and there's some gorgeous pics in there too : ) Josie had her first rice-ceral today! And her blue eyes are hanging in there also! Have fun at home with the munchkin, being a stay-at-home muma rocks! Love Britt.

Jac said...

PS. He loved the stewed apple ;)

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Ah, lovely photos! Have fun Jac :) From our perspective here in Oz, it looks like Marty is the luckiest baby ever! You guys are super.

Clare said...

Great to see more blog - or that would be bloggy-blog for Hamish, who was most pleased to hear Tim address his bride in the vows as 'Katie-Kate'. So - Rooey-Roo? He is so clearly growing up.

I found the stay at home mum bit an odd combination of long days where nonetheless things didn't get done - but some lovely times, as I am sure you are having and will continue to have. As everyone will tell you, these times just zip by.
Looking forward to seeing you - there and here!

Anonymous said...

Yay, another post, I was wondering when you were going to post again! I needed my Jo-Jac-Marty fix!
Hope you have a wonderful time being a stay at home Mum, I bet Jo is looking forward to finishing soon too.
I am slightly worried about the internal flights now though, I hope our connection is fine for when we come visit!
P.S Loved the photos too
Anri xx

Vikki said...

I know this is a very boring comment but..."Wow. So cute!"

Anonymous said...

Love the sepia toned " boy and his Poggie"!

Just beautiful!


Ruth F

Mothersupex said...

I'm late catching up on your posts, due to Professor in Melb and now finishing some last minute cooking. My neck has made the computer, out of reach, as denervation has well and truly worn off.

The photo's are just superb and you ARE doing such a wonderful stay-at-home Mum. Marty has two beautiful and devoted parents. I too loved the look of the Sepia photo but all the photo's are wonderful, especially with the light you either have on him or in the background.

Teething is yuk, at the best of times, but you are both doing a mighty job.