Wednesday, December 16

Our last Thanksgiving in San Antonio

It just shows how far behind I am when it is nearly Christmas and I'm only just getting a Thanksgiving post written!

Today marks day 2 of my 'stay-at-home-mumming' and I'm still feeling mostly sane. It is a horribly cold and windy day, although thankfully not wet so we still went out walking; Rooey all bundled up in his stroller with the wind/rain shield on and me freezing my booty off. He's a good shopper though :D

Back to Thanksgiving... This year was a lot of fun because we had the Bears with us, but it was also sad since we knew it was our last real Thanksgiving with the wonderful friends we've made here in Texas. This year is was a slightly more intimate crowd, with 16 people as opposed to last year's 26+.

We did the usual thing, headed to John and Jo's in the morning to start cooking for a ~4pm feast, caught the rerun of the Macy's parade and watched the National Dog Show (go Sadie the Scottie, best in show again!) The menu was pretty close to the usual, turkey, baked ham, chicken on the BBQ rotisserie and a huge spread of vegies.

Most of the dinner menu. Roughly clockwise from the turkey centrepiece: Mashed red-skinned spuds, assorted roasted root veggies, two batches of Lorena's green bean casserole (one spicy and one not), grilled asparagus, steamed green beans with lemon and crispy garlic, potato bake (x2), turkey, chicken, ham and a huge batch of chestnut and bacon stuffing! There was also gravy and Brad made some exceptional fresh cranberry salsa.

What kind of Thanksgiving would it be without a great bar? We had some good champagne with dinner too ;)

There was a huge spread of desserts including lemon meringue pie and chocolate meringue pie, but I only had eyes for these beauties.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! We are super thankful for all our wonderful friends here, whether they were at the table or not!


Adrienne said...

How about next year you show us what this Thanksgiving thing is all about?


PS That food all looks amazing. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

Jac said...

Never fear, we're planning on bringing the tradition home, perhaps sans pilgrims tho.

Mothersupex said...

Can we join the next one?? It's a bit sad leaving all those special friends, but no doubt you will revisit some of those recipes that you had in San Antonio.

Big A said...

It was a great evening, and we were also overwhelmed by the hospitality of the folk in San Antonio.

I'm sure we can do it here, Rennie!

Vikki said...

It all looks gorgeous and the bar makes me want to have a drink but it's only 10 in the morning and I'm at work and I'm pretty sure they would frown on that here. So, thanks. ;)

Adrienne said...

Word Verifiation = flumpart - the noise vinyl seat cushions make when you collapse abruptly on them.

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy if the bright shirt ...? Not the Boy i knew anyway!

The Roo has grown sooo much. Robert and Andrea started solid with Fairex (a rice product)then watery potato then tomato. Where will this new phase take him?
Weather on this side opf the pennines is awful, UK standards.4" of snow and some thunder, the cat didnt like that too loud. Cars cant get up the hill at the entrance of the estate. Good job it was ok for your visit last year, if it had been like this we wouldnt have got anywhere.
GA Kate

Jac said...

Sounds like the weather is nasty Kate! I'm glad we picked the right Christmas.