Thursday, December 24

'Operation: Learn to Crawl' is in progress

Our dearest babycakes is experiencing extreme frustration this week. He's so close to crawling but hasn't quite got it, but he's close enough that it has become his obsession. Every waking moment where his body is in the vicinity of a solid surface he's practising, practising, practising. Getting him to go to sleep now involves a good 10 minutes of waiting for him to stop sticking his booty in the air!

At this point he's progressed to the point where his hands and knees are down and ready to go (he's strong!) but he's not entirely sure what to do from there. So far he's inching himself forward by doing this:

Hilarious yes, but it is 50:50 whether the final splat sends him forward or backwards!


Big A said...

Oh wonderful! He needs his crawling coach back again. He obviously took in all I told him. Dear boy.

Anonymous said...

Go Marty, I love the final splat.
xx Jeannie

Anonymous said...

That boys got rhythm!

"Rockin Roo".

Ruth F

Ruthie said...

wonderful :-)

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Heehee! That is too cute! Merry Christmas to you 3 from us. xoxox

CupKate said...

Super cute! Apparently I did that for quite a while - but with his determination you'll be chasing after him any day now!

Vikki said...

So cute!

Adrienne said...

Operation: Learn to Crawl is definitely up there for my box office sensation of the season. I watched it three times in a row!


Anonymous said...

Beat that last comment I've watched the clip 5 times! he's an athlete!Once he's learnt to pick up a limb he will be away and then you'll have your work cut out!
apparently i favoured the caterpiller approach. Ask Big A!

GA Kate