Tuesday, December 22

Texas BBQ at its best - the Salt Lick

One of the by-lines of the Salt Lick is 'you can smell our pits from miles away' and it's a darn good thing too, otherwise you might never find the best BBQ I've ever had! The Salt Lick is tucked out the back of whoop whoop kind of near Austin... (but only kind of as we discovered last time when we had a flat tire in the rain and had to navigate the back roads from the Salt Lick to Austin on the stupid 'donut' wheel that passes for a spare tire in this country!) We've been a few times before but I wanted to post again since we visited again recently with the Bears and our friends Gene and April (major food lovers). The day was perfect for it, cold and drizzly, so sitting inside a wood hut not to far from a delicious BBQ pit was wonderful.

This be the pit! Amongst other delights there's beef brisket, sausage links and the best sticky ribs EVER. The ribs are basted with the secret sweet sauce in the tin pot. I love the way the snags hang in the hood to catch the smoke!

We eat family style. It's about $18 per person but basically amounts to a constant topping up of the delights you see before you! The meat is brisket, ribs and sausage. Then there's a gorgeous potato salad and pretty good beans - but it is the slaw that I just can't get enough of! It doesn't have a creamy sauce, more light and vinegary but with toasted sesame seeds and gah...so good. Oh and of course the necessities - pickles, bread and secret sauce (not shown)

Marty loved watching all the people. We should have given him a rib to munch on!

And to finish, for those brave (and amazing) souls with room, I hear they do a great pecan pie. I can't attest to its greatness myself because I never have room!


Anonymous said...

wow, look at all that food! Looks amazing!!
Our Leeds Christmas market doesn't quite compare to that somehow.
Anri x

Adrienne said...

Again. I read the blog before lunch. My tummy starts growling. (sigh)

With all that chewing the Roo is doing he seems to have a lot in common with Ziggy (the replacement replacement cat).


Big A said...

You're doing this to taunt us, aren't you?

I had dinner in a motel in Devonport last night, and all I can say is, take me back to Texas!

I shoulda got the tee-shirt.

Vikki said...

I thought my hometown of KC had the best BBQ. I might have to switch allegiances.