Friday, December 25

Christmas eve

It is Christmas eve here and we've had a relaxing day cooking and just chilling out (literally chilling since a huge wind storm hit last night, but at least we're doing better than most of the US). We made Christmas milk, ate a cheese plate and listened to carols streamed from Salisbury Cathedral. It is beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas... there's a happy buzz running through the house (or maybe that's just too much Christmas milk!) We're planning to really enjoy our last Christmas here in Texas and not get down about being far from family and some of our friends. Next year it'll be the reverse.

Our tree in all its glory. Not all of those prezzies are for us, some are to take to Christmas dinner tomorrow!!

Our very eclectic tree. We love our ornament collection which ranges from birds to dragons to day of the dead carollers and toys made by friends with everything in between.

Marty begged to be allowed to open some presents early (ok, one of his mums was busting and it wasn't this one! Well, ok, I was too...) He loved the paper!

We have only let him open a few so far (stimulation overload!) but Marty wants to let you all know that his new toys are friends (and to say a huge thankyou) and that you're welcome to come and play with them and him.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Sophie said...

Merry Christmas to you all!!!
Good to see Marty enjoying his wrapping paper sooooo much. My little niece, Bridie, loved her first xmas too, but like marty, was captivated by the paper! If only i'd know that I'd have just wrapped a cardboard box for her and saved my money.... hehehe.
Hope you enjoy your final US xmas, and we look forward to having you home soon xoxox

Big A said...

Oh lovely! Both grandparents giggling here. What was that "sound" towards the end????

Happy Christmas (it's still happening for you).

From Both Bears, with love.

Mothersupex said...

Were both having a chuckle here. I agree with Sophie, could have just sent him some paper.

What a lovely surprise to see the video and how he has grown and sitting. These things make a big impression when you see it on film. Thank you.

We all had a toast to you all, talked about you and anxious to spend next Christmas a little closer, perhaps your house?????

Vikki said...

I have such fond memories of reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my kids. Now, I'm feeling all sentimental :)