Wednesday, December 23

Adventures of a budding gourmet

Busted! That's the wrong milk Mr.

I had all these grand plans about being a stay at home mum and having time to blog every day. Kind of like those plans I have for cleaning the ceiling fan in our bedroom before the weight of the gunk attached to it brings it crashing to the ground! But really, who has time for these things?

Marty and I have been having a lovely time establishing a daily routine. The first week wasn't so crash hot, given that the poor little tike was teething (one back molar is through, the other side is well on its sign of much front tooth action though) and had a cold (or that could have been the teething - either way lots of snot was involved) not to mention missing his grandparents! We topped that week off with a tonne of shopping and a couple of big social engagements ('tis the season and all) which meant that he spent most of Sunday and Monday catching up on sleep! We probably should have done the same thing come to think of it...

We've been working on introducing some different foods. Not as a replacement for milk but just as tastes and to see how he'd go. He's been trying to take food off our plates for a while now. We were kind of torn between the advice of our fabulous paediatrician (start at 4 months) and the Australian Breastfeeding Association (start after 6 months) but the more recent medical literature I read the more starting before 6 months seemed like the best plan, and he was clearly ready.

Chomping at the... wrist-rest? This thing is perfect for protecting him from his own head-banging tendencies, plus it apparently makes a good chew toy!

Lucky for us he likes the highchair ($15 Ikea - these things are the bomb) AND he has very good spoon control (ie. eye gouging is a rarity)

Poggie feeding him zucchini.

We've been reading some other good stuff about starting with bitter green veggies and moving through to the sweeter stuff which seems to make sense. So far he's had avocado (his starter - no sign of the avocado baby yet tho), zucchini, apple, persimmon (!!), banana and sweet potato (with ginger and he loved it!) I think that's all... I've made some pumpkin soup that's basically just roasted butternut and nutmeg so he can probably have some of that for Christmas.

At this point we're only doing one lot of solid food per day, around lunch time after we've been for a big walk AND had some milk. He gets set up in his chair, we put on the Best of Play School and sing along, and chow down on some goodies. He's a pretty good eater though and will take anywhere from 1 to 3 tablespoons in a sitting (that's what goes down - he doesn't actually get too much all over him as he's so keen to get that spoon in the mouth!)


Anonymous said...

How cute, Roo is your "Chow Baby". He only has eyes for that spoon, or the contents on it! and in between the chair padding will do! Well...... he is being loved and nurtured in an environment where good food is celebrated, so it makes sense he is ready to rock and roll!
Love the creative use of the wrist rest. I have prescribed countless of these with my work, but never for such a novel application!
Ruth F

Mothersupex said...

Great little film of the Roo with his eating. Boy he won't let that spoon get out of sight. He is doing remarkably well and obviously enjoying. The more variety, the better and you are doing well to think of those things. Forget the supermarket muck, it's not a difficult job to do your own. I used to freeze blocks of your different foods as would make up a batch and it was always ready. I also mashed up some mango with a few of the fruits I had already tried with you Then I had the mango stone, with some fruit on it, in a stocking, and you sucked and sucked at it, getting some of the mango too. Think it helped your teething and you were also in the Jolly Jumper which I was able to tie it on.

CupKate said...

Hi! Glad to hear Marty likes to food so far! He'll be chewing ribs in no time although probably not until some front teeth come! Xxx

Anonymous said...

Great to see some moving pictures of the Roo, it helps with the withdrawal symptoms.
So glad you have enjoyed your time at home Jac, Jo's turn next.
xx Jeannie

Anonymous said...

How cute is that boy?! Please can we take him home and keep him? I love seeing the videos! keep them coming!
Can't wait to see him in Feb :)
Anri xx

Big A said...

Oh pangs, pangs! I'd like to be there, feeding him. And yes, he certainly is concentrating on the spoon. Full attention.

When does he get the hot sauce?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Nearly all my thoughts have already been posted. I am sure the bears will love the movies even more than the rest of us who havent had the pleasure of meeting the Roo face to face. His food sounds really good too. I want some!
I kept mostly to Make it Yourself food and think it is the best way. I used ice cube trays to freeze a batch so thta it meant making a sensible size portion. But I did make use of Jars sometimes as they travelled better than defrosted, bioth prefered the fresh stuff though and in Robert's case, he wanted "proper" food very soon after his first mouthful of mush. Steak please and ordinary veg , not puree. Keep the videos coming he is just too gorgeous.