Monday, November 30

Coming home!

Forgive me for the terrible lack of posts. I have no excuse except that Lord of the Rings online is just that good! (yes, I have been lured back to the world of online gaming)

Anyhow, back to the important stuff. I have attempted to get this little fragment of news out to most people but I'm now at that point where I have no clue who knows and who doesn't so if you're finding out for the first time via the blog, my apologies... We are coming home!

Before I jump too far ahead let me backtrack for a second. For those of you new to the blog, Jo and I are both Australians, Tasmanians to be precise. Yes, we are from the little island state at the bottom of Australia that gets left off most maps. Tasmania is more beautiful than any one place really has a right to be! See for yourself...

About 5 minutes from the middle of Hobart, the capital city.

Yep it gets cold, but doesn't tend to snow in town. This is Mt Wellington, again only a stone's throw from the city center. The grocer on the corner (the Salad Bowl) is also one of my favourite corner stores and a great spot for finding local cheese bargains!

Oops how did this get in here? Local Tasmanian sheep/goat cheese, sausage, wine and pinot paste from Grandvewe.

Ahh, the view from my outlaws' beach house in Boat Harbour, one of my favourite places of all time.

Boat Harbour again...sigh

We ended up in Texas because when I finished my PhD (statistical genetics) I was offered the kind of job you just can't refuse, even if it does mean moving to San Antonio! So I moved here in March 2006 and had to wait nine horribly long months before Jo could join me here (she also had a PhD to finish but hers in is something much more conversation friendly - literature! See, you can even say it without swallowing your tongue). We always planned to return to Australia but it was dependent on me getting a job (not a whole lot of places for me to work in Oz) and the 'where?' was very much up in the air. We thought maybe Melbourne or Adelaide and were resigned to the idea of being a short flight from home, but by some fortuitous twist of fate I have been offered a job in Tasmania! It starts in April so we'll be leaving here around the end of March, which will be exactly 4 years for me!

The whole thing is bitter sweet because of course we are busting to go home and we want Marty to be closer to family and dear old friends, but it means leaving behind all our fabulous friends here, my incredible job and all the fun that comes with living in another country. I plan on keeping the blog but of course it is going to need a new title so I might open up a suggestion box. Jac Wabbit went to Texas and came home again is a little cumbersome but I could always go with 'there and back again' ;)


Big A said...

And there are some very happy grandparents around, believe me!

But I think Bilbo has already claimed "There and back again".

Big A said...

PS But having met many of your wonderful friends here, I can see why it's going to be a wrench to leave.

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Can't wait!

Adrienne said...


Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Congrats on getting a job where you wanted to be!! Of course, we Texans will be very sad to see you all go :-(

Mothersupex said...

The other grandparents hormones are consuming them with thoughts of cuddles, play and getting to know our little Roo. We also want to see our dear loved ones, in the flesh, and be able to touch and feel. We have missed you all so very much, but you have both done a fantastic job, over there, which at times, has been terribly tough. You are loved and wanted by so many, and we are sure there will be heaps of happy faces, and arms, to greet you all. For you, it will seem a short time till April, for us, we are counting the days.

Mothersupex said...

P.S. Jac Wabbit to Texas & now Home

Ivy said...

Yay! You lucky ducks. Back to Tassie, eh? :-)

Well, if Mark and I manage to save up enough money for our biennial return home, hope to see you there, too!

Hugs to you and Jo! x

Dumblond said...

Can't help you with a title...
Congratulations on the job! I'm sure it feels wonderful knowing that you are going home soon.

EmmaDee said...

Can you tell I'm excited. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all.

Names eh- Jac Wabbit Adventures??

That way you dont have to change it again, not that you'd dare leave once you get home.

Congrats on the job Jac, fantabulous news :)

xooxoxoxoxoxoox Em n da boys from Roona

Penny said...

"I once messed with Texas"

He he he, but seriously, such wonderful news, but you have earned it so your new colleagues are the lucky ones. It will be great being nearer to the extended families for all of you. I'm sure you'll enjoy your last few months there so much now you have the next chapter all sorted.

Love lots


julie said...

even though I've know for a little while, it makes me so happy every time I remember. And I won't be far behind you... So glad I got to share a tiny bit of your texan life too. much love jxo

Anonymous said...

I think everyone has said everything i'm thinking. I am just sorry that we wont be able to share the live cuddles etc come April as we are at the wrong end of the globe, but i can still be in touch through your Blog. The pictures of Boat harbour are wonderful I can smell the sea aqnd feel the wind. I'd love to visit it one day.
No ides for the Blog name tough.
GA Kate

Vikki said...

I'm so happy for you and, strangely, now I want cheese and wine ;)

Sophie said...

Congrats on the tassie job jac! Will be fantastic to get home to see the family and for everyone to meet litte Roo.
If ever you find yourselves drifting through melbourne be sure to give me a buzz, as I will if I ever find myself down in hobart (am assuming you'll be based in tassie!) Looking forward to hearing about the new job, what ur doing and who you are working for! Sending hugs and kisses xox

Anonymous said...

Well congratulations.

Wing & Co, Food Lovers on Albert, Marios, The Italian Pantry, Hill St, The Salad Bowl, Mures, Bruny Island Cheese, Grand Ewe etc all await patiently!

All the best with the sorting and planning.


Ruth F

Cousin Kel said...

Jac Wabbit went to Texas....