Saturday, January 3

2009 - A wonderful time

I know I'm supposed to be posting the detailed account of our trip but I promise the first of those will be up tonight. We've been pretty busy since we got home. We went straight back to work, and we've both been trying to shake both jet lag and our colds, but making progress with both!

We totally piked on New Years Eve, making it to about 10.30 before dropping the ball, so to speak. We ushered in 2009 with a solid sleep, which seems like as good a start as any to me!

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary (I know!) and we had a lovely time hanging out at home, getting the house in order and doing not much of anything. We didn't leave the house all day and it was just what we both needed. Back to work today though, but thankfully it is Friday :D I did spend most of the day painting, so I should have some pics up on the blog soon. It was great to be painting again but I got so absorbed that I'm completely paying for it today... my neck especially! Starting to wonder if I even moved. Ahh obsession...

Anyhow, Happy New Year everyone! Cheers!


Mothersupex said...

Wow, we are so happy to hear that you are painting again. Must be something in the air!! I wish that all your friends could see the wonderful works you did, at school, and just after leaving school.
Happy, belated anniversary. At least we were talking to you, but forgot, I'm sorry, was just so happy to hear your voice, for such a long call.
Hugs, and much love to you both and waiting, with anticipation, to view the painting or paintings.

Bee said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Here's to another 8 happy years!
Love to you both, B & C xxx

Adrienne said...

Happy anniversary!

Jac said...

Thanks guys :D

CupKate said...

Happy Anniversary for then! Only finally go to properly read through the travel posts and not just look at pictures! 8 years... I nearly can't remember before you were together - or maybe JoJo vaguely!! xx