Friday, January 9

England 08 in juicy detail - part 3

Seems I broke blogger, no idea what's wrong but I'm having trouble...maybe I really did overdo the bandwidth!

There are two last things I need to explain...One is 'hedge-hogged' and the other is the cake that Bridget and I decorated.

The cake is fairly simple... Ruthie handed us a perfectly iced Christmas cake and a box of assorted decorations and said 'go to it'. It quickly became apparent to us that the box contained a marauding horde of rogue-zombie-snow people who were stampeding their way across the cake towards a cluster of terrified children huddled around the feeble shelter of a lamp post. Or at least that's what I saw...

Hedge-hogged is slightly more complex... One of my wishes while in the UK was to see a real live hedgehog, but it was quickly pointed out to me that it was mid-winter and the little buggers were hibernating. Seeing my crestfallen expression Uncle Tim promptly announced 'oh no Jac's Christmas has been ruined!' This event was followed by other people having their Christmas ruined (ie. by not getting the right coloured crown or losing uno or there not being any walnuts in the house) and the cry of "my Christmas has been ruined" soon changed to "my Christmas has been hedgehogged!" Ruth, bless her heart, salvaged my Christmas by presenting me with a little hedgehog of hers for Christmas, which I promised to take and document his travels on the blog. So here he is enjoying a Texas winter morning on our balcony.

The traveling hedgehog

Finally, here are a few random snaps of a very pretty village we drove through on the way to collect Jo's cousin Anna for boxing day lunch.

And since this is the part where we say goodbye to Heron House (for now) and move on to the next part of the trip, I thought I'd leave you with the wintry back garden on a deliciously sunny day. You can't really see from this photo but the lawn is very well aerated thanks to the trampling of footy boots! You can see the shadow of the goals though. I have some rather entertaining video of the boys playing football, cut short as the ball flew towards my head, which I might post later :D

The garden at Heron House


Dumblond said...

I am loving all the pictures you are sharing!
So that's where you can find hedgehogs...I love those lil' things! Now I really wish Paul had been able to take me to London when he went a few years ago!

Jac said...

Thanks S, glad to have you back and blogging :D Hope you guys had a great vacation and are now managing to stay high and dry!

Lots more pics to come, I went a little snap happy in London!

Big A said...

The zoologist says "Watch out for the fleas and ticks". Those cute little hedgehogs carry a lot of little friends around with them. But they are still cute little tiggywinkles.

CupKate said...

I was looking forward to seeing a hedgehog too!! One popped out from under a random bush - I think it was near Cambridge! Great to see all the pics. xx