Saturday, January 24

An update on the destruction that was our view

The bulldozers continue their destructive work. It is amazing what they can 'achieve' in a week...  well maybe not when you consider that they start before 7am! Not only are the trees gone now, but all those old build structures have also been flattened. Silly me thought they'd be out there with jackhammers smashing up the concrete, but who needs jackhammers when you can just pound it over and over with the bucket of a digger? I have to admit it was terribly amusing watching this process, as it looked like the digger was having a really bad day and beating it's head against the ground.

This is taken from our deck. The trucks and diggers all park off to the right of this picture, which of course is just outside our bedroom window! Not much left of that big old concrete shed that used to be out there! The chinaberry tree is tastefully hiding the row of bright blue portaloos.

The sandy coloured piles that you can see are what remains of all those trees. They had a giant mulcher, the size of an overturned cement truck, and the diggers were just dropping whole trees in there. The only good thing is that they smell really good, but it is so sad. I hate to think of how many nests are all chopped up in there. Of course, sitting like that in the Texas sun they've started superheating in their cores and smoke is appearing above them!

Our apartment complex still claims to know nothing about what's going on in there, and they haven't even been down to see what it looks like, but they have admitted to receiving lots of complaints from residents. We know a few people who, like us, as leaving as soon as possible. Actually, I had a call from the office the other day to offer us the apartment that we initially wanted to transfer to, for less than we had originally pushed for! I guess they're really starting to feel the burn. It was pretty satisfying to tell them that we had already signed somewhere else. Seriously poor management choices on their part but we are really please to be going somewhere else with a new view and more space and all that good stuff. Speaking of which, we've been approved for the new apartment and we move in March first. A new apartment, spring, perfect :)


Mothersupex said...

Sad, I guess they call it progress ;-{ The new apartment will be something to look forward to and makes you clean out what you are hoarding. Who am I to speak, the hording queen.

Jac said...

Hey you got your picture to work!

Are you holding a remote control?

Dumblond said...

Can't wait to see what the view from your new place looks like!

Mothersupex said...

No its the phone. Perhaps I had better enlarge but you would see too many creases of the face :-[

Big A said...

I liked the diggers banging their heads on the ground! They really hate what they have to do, you know.