Friday, January 30

So how exactly do two girls make a baby?

Some of you have asked. Others have probably thought it. Well here's the skinny.

It was a quiet Tuesday night at home. The beloved and I had finished dinner and were watching some kind of hyper reality on the box when there was a knock at the door. We opened the door to reveal a UPS delivery guy. He was tall, perfectly built with piercing blue eyes and feathery hair and he had a propensity to hover and give off light. So not our usual guy but maybe he was off sick? In a voice that sounded like he was in his own personal amphitheater, he said "I have a delivery for the Beloved". Those blue eyes swept past me and had the audacity to look slightly relieved as Jo stepped forward. He said "Don't be afraid, sign here. You're up the duff and the package will be delivered some time in July... Do you need a receipt?" And that was that, true story!

Ok maybe not. In fact, Tuesday came about with the help of a fabulous fertility specialist called Dr B. We didn't need to use IVF and there were no turkey basters! Apologies to the male ego but said baster was actually a teeny tiny syringe that Dr B cheerfully referred to as "the tom cat", which did nothing more complex than depositing some swimmers through the cervix. I may or may not have been heard to say "lie back and think of England" during this process... Bad Jac!

Photo edit thanks to Andrew ;)


Dumblond said...

Congrats again. Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

Adrienne said...

You're psychic - we were thinking about it! Thanks for filling us in.


Jac said...

Originally it was me boy and Jo girl, but I think lately we've both flipped. I think as long as it is happy and healthy (and has a tail) we'll be happy. Ok, maybe the tail is just me...

Michael C said...

Congratulations! We heard your news through the grapevine (which even managed to reach us here in Snug!) and we’re thrilled for you. Hope you are all happy and healthy. Elisabeth and Michael

Big A said...

My understanding was that only >one< girl got pregnant.


Jac said...

Ooh hey Micheal, glad the Tassie grapevine is useful for some things :)

And Big A, you are right (thank goodness!) - so I'm editing the title some.

Penny said...

Hi ya Jac

Have been meaning to contact you for ages now - so so SO thrilled for you both... and I do hear that you may be moving to Melb soon-ish?? That would be so grouse!

Charlotte had her very first ever day of school today - she was so cute. No separation issues as far as she was concerned... can't say the same for me!

Anyhoo, looking forward to reading all the progress reports, such an exciting time :-)

Love lots