Tuesday, January 20

Making mischief of one kind and another

Moving on from the last batch of news I'm changing direction entirely and posting another of the paintings I did recently. This one was for a dear friend who sent us this adorable photo of her son in the dragon suit we sent him (bless him for loving it instead of running screaming!)

Isn't he cute?

So I messed around sketching the photo...

Which after much cursing and stressing on my part it eventually turned into this!
Not the best pic (bad angle) and the colours aren't quite true to the original, but you get the idea :D The cool thing is, aparently he's still wearing the dragon suit 1 year on! (ok, so he hasn't worn it continuously for a year...that would be gross)


Mothersupex said...

I'm sure they all loved receiving the suit, but the picture is the icing on the cake. Fantastic effort, a 1st prize winner, and we think the angle was captured beautifully. It's just such a good feeling, knowing you have picked up the brushes again.
Hugs, Mum

Adrienne said...

Super cute!