Wednesday, December 31

We're home!

Just a quicky to say that we're back home and the flight was fine, no hitches, but the wait in Houston was the suck. Back to work today but I doubt it will be a full day! We both slept well so that should help.

The fridge is bare so I really need to address that tonight, and we have more washing than you can poke at stick at. However we are full of wonderful memories. Hoping we can make it back to England soon. Updates to follow as soon as we find our feet.


Alastair said...

Not too much of an anti-climax, I hope. looking forward to some reports. Freezing here! Snow on the mountains and pretty chilly at sea level. We'll wrap up warm for fireworks on the beach tonight.

Mothersupex said...

It is always difficult to leave the good times and come home. Pleased you are safe.
We are watching the fireworks, from the Casino and York Park, from the comfort of our home.
Happy new year to you both,

Mothersupex said...

P.S. Don't forget to explain the snowman photo!!!

Mothersupex said...

Hi again,
I put on your previous entry, that now, we understand the snowman photo fully!!!! They look cute though.
Loved our longgggg talk, miss you both so much.

Jac said...

Haha nope, the snowmen are another story entirely but I should get to that tomorrow. Look out for an update on the first stage of the trip later today though.